SIG Sauer Offers Match Elite Competition Ammunition

posted on July 12, 2018

In the world of competitive shooting, a fraction of a second can make or break you. SIG Sauer has devised its Match Elite competition ammunition, a round that’s designed to help you shave your course time without sacrificing accuracy.

It’s sold in 147-grain, 9 mm Luger, and it provides shooters with a Power Factor between 126 and 132 (velocity varies from 860 to 900 feet per second, depending on the pistol), making the load acceptable for all USPSA competitions. But the selling point, SIG says, is that the round’s lower felt recoil lets competitors stay on target better, allowing for quicker and more accurate shots.

“This is the most accurate competition load I have ever shot,” said Max Michel, Jr., Captain of Team SIG.  “The SIG Sauer Match Elite consistently delivers groupings of less than two inches at 25 yards versus four inches on average with other ammunition, making it the ideal choice for professional and everyday shooters who want to improve their performance.”

And it’s reasonably priced, at $24.50 for 50 rounds. Check back to in the future when we’ll have a performance review.


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