SIG SAUER Sponsors A Girl & A Gun in 2019 Women’s Shooting League

posted on March 10, 2019

SIG SAUER Inc. recently announced a new partnership with A Girl & A Gun (AG & AG) Women’s Shooting League. Sig Sauer Inc. will be the league’s Title Sponsor for the 2019 competitive shooting season.

 “We are delighted to welcome SIG SAUER as the Title Sponsor of our two biggest events, and to bring their industry-leading quality and innovation to our league,” said Julianna Crowder, the founder of AG & AG. “SIG’s commitment to AG & AG demonstrated its belief in the direction of our organization and further corroborates our long-term goals.”

 A Girl & A Gun is a nationwide organization, designed and lead by women as a women-only organization with the goal to improve skill levels in self-defense and competitive shooting. The group works to take women to the next skill level, regardless of current level. Experienced shooters are also given the chance for more shooting opportunities as well. Overall, the focus is one of recreation, education, competition and community.

 “We are very excited to support the A Girl & A Gun organization and support their mission of empowering women through the shooting sports,”stated Tom Taylor, chief marketing officer and executive vice president, commercial sales, at SIG SAUER, Inc. “The organization also provides invaluable education and training for women on home defense, concealed carry, and safe firearms handling through their local and national events that we here at SIG feel are important to support. We are looking forward to being a very active sponsor with the A Girl & A Gun organization, and encouraging women to become involved in shooting sports.”

AG & AG has also been active in encouraging women to participate in supporting their Second Amendment protected rights through the DC Project.

To learn more about the organization, take classes or join, visit


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