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posted on June 18, 2023
Wayne LaPierre

Create the problem; sell the cure. Since the dawn of time, freedom-hating, power-hungry elites and politicians have adopted this nefarious tactic. We’ve seen it most obviously in countries such as China, Russia and North Korea, where citizens have had their freedoms continually stripped away in the counterfeit pursuit of “peace,” “stability” and “security.”

Tragically, you and I are seeing this sinister strategy take root in our own country.

Anti-gun billionaires and politicians, frustrated that Americans for too long have refused to buy their gun-ban “cure,” are now executing a deliberate strategy to create a crime problem.

The results are nothing short of tragic.

Thanks to dozens of far-left district attorneys backed by anti-gun billionaire George Soros, society’s worst-of-the-worst have been given a green light to commit crimes at will. They know that even if they get nabbed by the police, at worst, they’re in store for a few hours of inconvenience, as opposed to hard time behind bars.

Soros and his stooges who occupy dozens of DA offices nationwide like to use flowery, focus-group-tested language like “equal justice” and “social equality” to mask their dangerous ideology. They say they want to attack crime at the source and to be more compassionate by trying to understand criminals as opposed to punishing them.

And, of course, their allies in the media repeat this flowery, empty rhetoric every single day.

But the very real and tangible effects of their so-called crusade to “reform” our justice system is more murder, more rape, more robberies and more violent attacks on the innocent.

Protecting the innocent is supposed to be job number one for a district attorney. But Soros-backed DAs have flipped the entire system on its head. Their plain mission is to encourage, coddle and protect criminals.

Take Soros-backed district attorney Alvin Bragg, for example. Bragg’s approach to keeping New York City residents safe isn’t so much soft on crime as it is pro-crime. In fact, it’s almost as if Bragg is intentionally trying to turn Manhattan into a consequence-free zone for career criminals.

Under Bragg’s reign, a habitual thief was arrested and released without bail a staggering 100 times. It wasn’t until she assaulted and injured police officers that the thief finally ended up behind bars.

Criminals in New York, by and large, used to be more careful and picky about the crimes they committed, fearing arrest and incarceration. But no longer.

Their plain mission is to encourage, coddle and protect criminals.

Almost immediately after New York’s infamous “bail reform” laws went into effect, every criminal in New York knew it was open-season on the innocent. Thefts, assaults and murders soared. Just one damning statistic: Ten repeat offenders went on to rack up a combined 485 arrests in less than two years.

Recidivist monsters who have zero inclination toward rehabilitation or redemption are permitted to roam the streets of New York like soulless predators.

Last year, Christina Yuna Lee was followed by one such predator into her Chinatown apartment and brutally stabbed to death. Her killer had five prior felony convictions. She didn’t have to die, because he never should have been allowed to walk free.

Just a couple of months ago in Brooklyn, John Saquiz was robbed and beaten to death by a career criminal with a long rap sheet that even included a manslaughter conviction.

Earlier this year in Manhattan, a thug with a long history of committing violent crimes was out on parole when he robbed and beat a 67-year-old man to death. Once arrested and shown security video of the attack, he admitted that he was the one on camera committing the assault. In spite of all this, he was released without bail, once again free to walk the streets and terrorize the innocent.

Sadly, New York is just one glaring example of pro-criminal policies run amok. Violent crime is skyrocketing in other cities taken over by Soros-backed DAs as well—like Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia and nearly 70 other jurisdictions across the country.

The battle lines are drawn and they couldn’t be clearer. Innocent Americans versus the criminal class. You, me and the NRA versus anti-gun elites, who clamor for gun bans while they stand behind armed guards and turn violent criminals loose on our streets.

You and I know that restricting Second Amendment freedom is never the cure for any problem. In fact, our freedom to defend ourselves and our loved ones is more valuable than ever in the face of a violent crime wave wholly concocted by anti-gun elites.

Now more than ever, freedom needs our voice.


Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.
Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.

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