Standing Guard | The Justice-System Loophole The Media Ignores

posted on September 19, 2023
Wayne LaPierre

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several decades, you know that gun-hating politicians and their media puppets are perpetually driving mass hysteria over so-called “loopholes” in our nation’s gun laws. The “gun-show loophole;” the “universal- background-check loophole;” the “pistol-brace loophole.”

They campaign on closing these so-called loopholes every year. They promise America would be safe and secure if only they were in charge. They vow to crack down on “illegal guns.” They say they’ll make schools safe. They’ll work night and day conjuring up new laws supposedly aimed at keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

It’s all one big lie.

The fact is, President Joe Biden, Congress, state governments, law-enforcement agencies and the courts have every conceivable law already on the books that can and should be used to stop violent felons who misuse firearms to commit crime.

The real problem? We have real loopholes: an enforcement loophole; a prosecution loophole; a revolving-door-justice loophole. And at the center of all these loopholes are anti-gun politicians who refuse to do their jobs and enforce the law.

Take, for example, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. You know, the same one that Joe Biden thinks ought to be expanded to include private sales between friends and neighbors.

The most recent federal reporting on the system shows that in a single year, more than 100,000 people are stopped from purchasing a firearm because they fail to pass the background check.

It is a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison if you provide false information on a background-check form—for example, if you’re a felon who claims to have never been convicted of a felony or if you’ve been adjudicated mentally ill but claim otherwise when filling out the form.

However, of those 100,000-plus annual denials, only a dozen or so get prosecuted each year. That’s a prosecution rate so close to zero percent that the law may as well not exist. The only loophole in our background-check system is the total failure of politicians and federal agencies to enforce the law.

And, to be sure, the enforcement loophole isn’t unique to background checks. It’s also laying waste to many of our nation’s cities, in which crime continues to spiral out of control.

Take Washington, D.C., for example—a city where violent crime has been on a sharp increase for the past several years. It turns out that just last year, federal prosecutors in the District’s U.S. Attorney’s office chose not to prosecute 67% of those arrested by law enforcement.

That means if you commit a crime in D.C., there is a very good chance you will never be punished or held accountable in any way by the so-called justice system. You have to wonder, at what point the D.C. police department will simply stop arresting criminals? What’s the point if the U.S. Attorney’s office, which is led by a Biden appointee, allows two-thirds of the criminals you arrest to continue with their lives like nothing happened?

In Philadelphia, crime—and violent crime in particular—has essentially been decriminalized thanks to the enforcement loophole. Last year, the city’s district attorney’s office refused to prosecute a whopping 65% of criminals arrested for violent crime. At that rate, carjackings, armed robberies and violent assaults are all but encouraged. 

In Baltimore, Maryland—a city notorious for crime, violence and murder—an astounding 40% of homicide cases go unprosecuted. No one in Baltimore is clamoring for tougher laws against murder. The laws already exist. The problem is a lack of enforcement so severe that killers know they can literally get away with murder.

The fact is, President Biden and his anti-Second Amendment allies have zero interest in closing the enforcement loophole. In fact, they’re working to expand it. For the better part of three years now, Biden, Soros-funded district attorneys and gun-ban politicians have put policies in place specifically designed to keep violent criminals out of jail and on the streets.

And when those repeat offenders misuse firearms to commit crime? That’s when Biden and his ilk vow to get tough on … NRA members. That’s when they take to the airwaves railing against our Second Amendment rights and the recent Supreme Court decisions that uphold those freedoms. That’s when they clamor for new laws that make it harder, or even impossible, for law-abiding Americans to defend themselves and their families.

Now, more than ever, America needs a strong NRA. As a member, you are a critical component of our collective strength. Fighting together, we will restore sanity to our nation’s criminal-justice system and keep politicians’ hands off our freedom.


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