Standing Guard | It’s Time To Fight!

posted on June 16, 2020
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You and I have been living through a moment in history that the world will remember for the next 500 years. 

Our cities have been at a standstill. Tens of millions of citizens have been in a virtual lockdown in their homes. Businesses and American families have suffered enormously from the economic fallout of this crisis, worse than anything we’ve seen since the Great Depression. 

I want you to know that, on behalf of everyone here at NRA, our thoughts and prayers have been with you, your family and our members throughout this crisis. 

But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that NRA members like you are a special breed. 

I have no doubt that, during the crisis we’ve all been facing, you’ve been a beacon of inspiration and strength to your family and friends. 

I know this because I’ve personally witnessed your unwavering courage under fire more times than I can count. 

I’ve seen you stand tough when anti-gunners tried to blame you for horrific crimes. I’ve seen you hold freedom’s banner high when gun-haters have tried to smear your good name, simply because you choose to own firearms and keep your family safe. 

And I know you’ve never forgotten—even in the darkest moments of this unprecedented national emergency—that we’re headed straight into the jaws of the most decisive Second Amendment battle in the history of this nation. 

You and I both know it in our hearts: If Joe Biden wins the White House in November, the Second Amendment as we know it will not survive. 

Biden has made it clear that he’ll weaponize the full power of the federal government to lay siege against the Second Amendment—each and every day until you’re forced to hand over your firearms. 

In fact, no presidential nominee in American history—not Barack Obama or even Hillary Clinton—has made it more clear than Joe Biden that freedom is in his crosshairs and he’s coming for our guns. 

Even while the Trump Administration was marshaling the full resources of the federal government to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden was issuing direct threats to gun owners on the campaign trail. 

And even as record numbers of law-abiding Americans purchased firearms during this crisis for protection of their loved ones, Joe Biden was threatening to use his power as president to invoke door-to-door confiscation of those same guns. 

Biden has pledged to ban EVERY firearm in America that holds more than one round. He’s told American gun manufacturers point-blank: “I’m taking you down.” He’s literally threatened to deploy the U.S. Armed Forces against any American who tries to keep his or her gun—saying “if you’re going to take on the government you need an F-15 with Hellfire missiles.” 

At a campaign stop in Michigan, Biden stuck his finger in the face of a proud auto worker who was standing up for the Second Amendment, told him “You’re full of s***,” and threatened to physically slap him. 

This isn’t crazy talk. This isn’t “Uncle Joe” just running his mouth. 

Make no mistake. Joe Biden is filled with a venomous contempt for gun owners and the Second Amendment that goes deeper than any politician who’s ever run for nationwide office. And if you and I don’t take his message to heart right now, we won’t get a second chance to keep our guns if Joe Biden wins the White House in November. 

And that’s why I’m asking you to stand and fight with NRA now, with the same courage and strength you showed in 2016 when we defeated Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the White House against nearly impossible odds. 

I’m asking you to help me make sure Joe Biden never becomes president of the United States, by renewing your commitment to NRA and freedom no later than July 24, 2020. 

In all of American history, no organization has defeated more freedom-hating candidates than the NRA. But we can’t get the job done on Election Day 2020 unless you give us the tools. Today more than ever before, NRA’s strength must come from the commitment in YOUR heart to keep your freedom.

And at a time when we’ve never needed your help more—and recognizing that we’re living through a unique and very difficult moment in this nation’s history—I’ve taken two special steps to make sure that every NRA member can rally to the front lines of this battle. 

First, between now and July 24, 2020, I’ve authorized our NRA membership staff to roll back annual NRA dues to the rates that were in effect 25 years ago, so that every NRA member has a chance to make his or her mark on this historic election fight. And for those who’ve already made a lifetime membership commitment to the NRA, I’ve authorized deep discounts when you step up to the next level of our NRA leadership ranks. 

Second, no matter what your current level of membership, I’ve commissioned some unique NRA gifts for every member who answers this battle cry by July 24th—to commemorate your role in helping win the all-or-nothing election fight we must now face together. 

You can see the special discounts and gifts we’ve reserved for you by visiting and entering your membership number from the front of this magazine. And it’s no exaggeration to say that this will be the most important action you take in your lifetime to protect your Second Amendment freedom and the rights of generations to come. 

Mark my words: Between now and Election Day, you and I are going to witness the most dishonest, vicious, hate-filled anti-gun campaign that we’ll see in our lives. 

Joe Biden—along with Fake News media elites and billionaires like Michael Bloomberg—are going to blame you personally for senseless murders committed by armed thugs who should have been behind bars. 

They’re going to point to the most heinous crimes ever committed in this country, and say you’re to blame because you choose to own a gun. 

They’re going to stand shamelessly behind the armed guards who protect them every single day, and claim that you and your family simply aren’t worthy of the same protection. 

The lines are drawn. The risks are huge. And if Joe Biden wins the White House this fall, the most precious right we enjoy as Americans—our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms—will be wiped off the face of the earth. 

But this is the battle that you and I have trained for all our lives. And it’s a battle that we can win if we all pull together NOW under the NRA banner. 

With your help, NRA will find the voters who haven’t made up their minds in the precincts that count and the battleground states that will decide this campaign. 

We’ll reach out to the millions of gun owners who helped us defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016—and to the hundreds of thousands of first-time gun owners who’ve purchased firearms to protect their families during this crisis. 

And we’ll make Joe Biden pay for his radical anti-gun extremism every single day on the campaign trail—and on Election Day, once and for all. 

But we can’t get the job done without YOUR help. Every ounce of NRA support right now makes a difference, and your decision to renew your membership or become a Life Member could be the one that puts us over the top. 

Yes, the full weight of freedom’s future is now on our shoulders. 

But it’s in times of greatest crisis that the greatest leaders emerge. 

And this is our chance—together—to write our own names alongside those who won our freedom nearly 250 years ago, and who have protected it ever since. 

Please, answer this call to action and fight with me and NRA today. Stand with this great fighting machine in the most important election of our lives. And in the years and decades ahead, please tell your children and grand-children that when freedom called your name, you answered. Thank you!


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