Standing Guard | Biden Vows To Ban Guns— Now We Must Vow To Stop Him

posted on December 19, 2022
Wayne LaPierre

You and I are locked in a battle for the soul of America that’s as important as any battle this country has ever fought. 

More than ever in our lives, our nation’s freedoms and founding principles are now under direct assault, not from foreign enemies, but from within our own shores. 

Centuries-old traditions are being dismantled by extremists who want to rip George Washington and Thomas Jefferson out of our history books. Our public schools are becoming indoctrination camps--teaching our children to question lawful gun ownership and blindly embrace anti-gun laws and politicians. 

Our cities and even our small towns are being turned into unlivable war zones by “social-justice warriors” who believe that violent criminals are “victims” who should have more rights than honest citizens.

And, from the day he took office as president, every one of Joe Biden’s decisions has been rooted in suffocating our liberty and giving the government more and more control over our daily lives. As a result, we’ve never seen our freedoms and our way of life slipping away as quickly as we have these past two years.

Even before the midterm election results had been settled, Biden took to the podium and declared a sweeping gun-ban proposal would be the central focus of the remainder of his term in office. If there was ever a time for every American patriot to look deeply inside his or her own heart, draw a line in the sand and plant their flag with the National Rifle Association, now is that time.

Your NRA membership says you believe our American way of life is better than in other countries where citizens have been robbed of their freedoms, including their right to own guns. Your membership says that you’re not going to be victimized by violent criminals, or by increasing government intrusion into every aspect of your life. Your membership says that you won’t be intimidated by those who claim that your patriotism and your values are old-fashioned and out of date.

And your membership says that you will never, ever sit on the sidelines and watch while Joe Biden bans and confiscates your lawfully purchased firearms.

The fact is, when NRA members fight together, we win.

We’ve defeated hundreds of extremist gun-ban bills in the U.S. House and Senate and thousands more at the state level. We’ve expanded Right to Carry into nearly every state in the union and Constitutional Carry into 25 states. We’ve passed laws to ban bogus lawsuits aimed at destroying the American firearms industry, laws that ban gun confiscation during times of emergency, laws that protect shooting ranges and hunting lands, and laws that enable law-abiding citizens to protect themselves against armed criminals. We’ve won landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions, including the Heller and McDonald cases upholding the Second Amendment as an individual right, and this summer’s landmark Bruen decision affirming that your right to self-defense exists outside your home.

No organization on earth can match NRA’s track record—it’s not even close.

But the threat America faces today is greater than any political threat we’ve known in our lives. That’s why—starting right now—I’m asking every NRA member to make a new commitment to this great nation, and to help NRA reclaim our country from the radical left between now and the next big election in two years.

With your help, we’re going to oppose Senate confirmation of every Biden judicial nominee who claims that James Madison and Thomas Jefferson somehow never intended for you to own a gun. We’re going to demand that Congress overrule and overturn the illegal executive orders that Biden uses to advance his freedom-killing agenda.

We’re going to fight to keep every Biden gun-ban bill bottled up in committees.

We’re going to demand that Biden close our border to hardened criminals, drug dealers, violent gangs and terrorists. We’re going to fight back against revolving-door justice policies that purposefully keep criminals on our streets.

And the next time a law-abiding American is murdered, raped or robbed thanks to Biden and his cronies’ pro-criminal policies, we’re going to lay the blame directly at their feet and make sure they pay the political price.

No matter which way Joe Biden and his left-wing allies turn in these next two years, no matter what tactics they use, and no matter how many times they repeat the same tired lies, they’re going to face a brick wall of NRA members standing in defense of the Second Amendment and in defense of the United States of America. 

This is our time. This is our fight. And with your help, by God, we will win it!


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