Standing Guard | Obama, Hillary Embrace Gun Confiscation

posted on November 26, 2015
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This feature appears in the December ‘15 issue of NRA America’s 1st Freedom, one of the official journals of the National Rifle Association.  

President Barack Obama once again embraced massive universal gun confiscation from innocent Americans as his answer to the isolated murderous acts of deranged mass killers. That call for gun confiscation was echoed by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who said it is “worth considering” a national program modeled on Australia’s seizure of firearms from licensed gun owners. The Democratic candidates would alter the makeup of the Supreme Court with the goal of overturning landmark decisions on the Second Amendment.

Their demand that law-abiding Americans be disarmed of their property and their individual liberty came immediately following the unspeakable act of a copy-cat loser who murdered nine students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., on Oct. 1, 2015. The murderer asked his victims if they were Christians, then killed them. 

The killer had one thing in common with the last killer and the ones before him: He admired other mass-murderers and craved public attention. 

Yet in Obama’s and Clinton’s upside-down world, the blame lies with the innocent—you and me. 

In an unseemly “politicized” reaction to this horrendous crime, Obama repeated his big-lie mantra, saying: “The United States of America is the one advanced nation on Earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense gun-safety laws—even in the face of repeated mass killings. ...” 

“We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. Friends of ours, allies of ours—Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it,” he said.

In parroting this line, the media outlets leave out the details of what happened in those once-free nations: the massive taking and destruction of firearms from law-abiding gun owners by government. In 1996-97, after a mass murder in Australia, licensed gun owners were forced to give up their registered pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns and semi-automatic rifles for government destruction. Every model of pump-action and semi-automatic shotgun. Every model of semi-automatic rifle. Seized. Chopped. Burned and melted. 

For what? To assuage an insane notion of collective guilt to impose a national gun ban. The same agenda that Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton all espouse. The one that begins with “universal” background checks—which equals registration of guns and owners—and ultimately ends with gutting the Second Amendment.

Every time the Obama-Clinton axis lauds Australia’s theft of freedom from its law-abiding citizens, you must remind others of the defining comment from George Soros’ protégé, Rebecca Peters, who claimed credit for the Australian tyranny:None of the coy and disingenuous words from billionaire anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg or the Brady Campaign should fool free Americans about the gun banners’ intentions: ultimate confiscation of guns, as in Australia.

“The National Firearms Agreement recognized the inherent inappropriateness of these highly dangerous weapons and took away nearly 700,000 of them to be melted down into soup cans and bus-stop benches.” 

That “buyback” of all long guns was simply the first round of confiscations, falsely heralded as the means to end violence. In 2000, a second wave of confiscations took place with government seizing many models of registered handguns from licensed owners in the wake of another mass murder—and it isn’t over yet. 

As the Melbourne Weekly Times reported in June 2015, “Government authorities are moving quickly to restrict the sale of all lever-action firearms in Australia … which could lead to a buyback of the thousands of lever-actions already owned by Australian shooters.” It will never end until the last firearm is removed from private hands. 

In a Jan. 16, 2013, op-ed piece in The New York Times, titled “I Went After Guns, Obama Can Too,” former Australian Prime Minister John Howard ultimately defined the insanity of his government’s action:

“Penalizing decent, law-abiding citizens because of the criminal behavior of others seemed unfair, … yet I felt there was no alternative.” 

Howard reckoned that the guns the government took from those “decent, law-abiding citizens” and destroyed would be “the equivalent of 40 million guns in the United States.”

This is Obama’s demand for an Australian model on our soil. 

The president’s end game has been embraced as mainstream in the media. Take the Oct. 4, 2015 Washington Post editorial—headlined “A gun-free society”—in which the paper’s editorial page editor, Fred Hiatt, declared: “Wouldn’t it make sense to learn from other developed nations, which believe that only the military and law enforcers, when necessary, should be armed. …” 

Hiatt seeks a “cultural shift,” saying, “Australia was a pioneer nation, too, and gave up its guns. Societies change, populations evolve.” 

Then he levels this zinger: “The Supreme Court, which has misread the Second Amendment in its recent decisions, would have to revisit the issue. The court has corrected itself before, and if public opinion shifts it could correct itself again. If it did not, the Constitution would have to be amended.” 

That last gem is the key to this out-in-the-open demand for the end of American liberty. Presidential Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is explicit, saying, “We’ve got to go after this. And here again, the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.” 

But Hillary is not alone. Virtually all of the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination are in lock step with Hillary and Obama. 

They would alter the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court with the goal of overturning the landmark decisions that have recognized the sanctity of the Second Amendment in guaranteeing our right to keep and bear arms.

None of the coy and disingenuous words from billionaire anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg or the Brady Campaign—words like “gun safety,” or “responsible gun-ownership,” or “common-sense regulations”—should fool free Americans about the gun banners’ intentions: ultimate confiscation of guns, as in Australia. Those words are the call to action for you, me and the nation’s 100 million decent, law-abiding gun owners in the coming elections.

The Washington Post’s Hiatt said it all: 

“Maybe it’s time to start using the words that the NRA has turned into unmentionables. 


“Mass buyback. 

“A gun-free society. 

“Let’s say that one again: A gun-free society,” he wrote. 

Those words are the call to action for you, me and the nation’s 100 million decent, law-abiding gun owners in the coming elections. 

As NRA members, we are in the vanguard in this full-blown fight to preserve freedom. We must organize as never before and stand united in voting to save the Second Amendment in November 2016.


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