Standing Guard | Our Fight To Save American Freedom

posted on August 18, 2020
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America is at a tipping point. Almost everywhere we look today, the principles, values and fundamental rights that guarantee our freedom are under attack.

You can see it all across the nation, where anti-gun governors and legislators are attempting to strip the gun rights of law-abiding citizens at a torrid pace. You can see it on your television screen, online and in your newspaper where gun owners like you and me are pilloried, mocked and shamed for exercising our Second Amendment rights.​

Too many in the political class thumb their noses at their responsibility to enforce the law. You can see it in cities and towns from coast to coast, where many of those same gun-hating politicians are now refusing to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate criminals—completely abdicating their responsibility to keep the peace and keep us safe.

Most of all, you can see it in this year’s national election campaign, where Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are promising to lay waste to our right to keep and bear arms if they take control of the White House and Congress this November.

The battle lines are drawn, and they couldn’t be clearer.

Where we see America as a beacon of freedom for all, regardless of income, status, race or creed … they see our great nation as an object of scorn to be disparaged and ridiculed.

Where we see a U.S. Bill of Rights that embodies the grandest and most successful experiment in individual liberty the world has ever known … they see mistakes that need to be obliterated.

As NRA members, you and I value our freedom like few others. We know that our freedoms came at a heavy price—secured not only by the courage of revolutionary men and women 244 years ago, but by their sacrifice then and on countless battlefields thereafter.

Throughout our history, patriots—ordinary men and women with bills to pay, loved ones to care for, families to feed and futures to build—put it all aside and risked everything for only one thing: American liberty.

The same American liberty lives and breathes in the Second Amendment.

The same liberty that will either live or die in this single national election just months from now.

It’s that stark. There’s no other way to put it. We are at a dangerous point in our nation’s history—the likes of which you and I have never seen.

So today, as NRA members and sworn defenders of American freedom, you and I must decide that our freedom will live.

Let’s decide to keep our Second Amendment and every fundamental freedom guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and send Joe Biden to the ash heap of history. Let’s elect a strong pro-gun majority to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and put Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in the minority where they belong.

Let’s stand and fight every day—from now until Election Day—harder than the day before.

And never forget that you, and millions of patriots like you, are the source of NRA’s persistent strength. You are the reason NRA continues to be the most successful, pro-freedom, civil rights organization in America. You are the power behind every one of our victories.

And if we fight with all our might, I know we’ll win on Election Day and we will save American freedom!


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