Teen Posing with BB Gun on Social Media Subjected to Police Investigation

posted on May 9, 2019
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After a Massachusetts boy posted a photo of himself with a BB gun on social media he became the subject of a police investigation.

 Someone had seen the photo and tipped off police about a boy under 18 years of age posing with a firearm.

 Police soon discovered the firearm was actually a BB gun.

 "From our investigation there was absolutely no threat to anyone or any school," a detective said.

 Police went to the boy’s home where they spoke with him and his parents. The boy removed the social media post with the photo.

 “In Massachusetts, it's illegal for children under 18 to have a BB gun or air rifle in a public space unless they have an adult with them, have a sporting license or a permit from the police chief in the municipality.”

 Police said no charges were filed but the case would be reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office.


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