The Anti-Second Amendment Biden Wants a Second Term

posted on April 27, 2023
Patrick Semansky/AP

It’s official, President Joe Biden (D) and running mate, Vice President Kamala Harris (D), are seeking reelection. They are the heads of one of the most anti-gun administrations in history and they want to continue their assault on our freedom.

Biden’s announcement video, titled “Let’s Finish the Job,” opens with Biden curiously noting that “personal freedom is fundamental to who we are as Americans” before adding that protecting our rights has been the work of his first term.

It’s true that our personal freedom is a key part of what makes us American, but what Biden has done in his first term—and what he’s wishes to do—is to attack our freedom, especially our Second Amendment rights.

Prior to entering office, Biden expressed a desire to pass just about every gun-control measure possible, including, but not limited to, banning some of the most commonly owned firearms in the country, allowing firearms manufacturers to be persecuted in the courts on frivolous grounds, and much more, all the while racking up endorsements from every major gun-control group. He also repeatedly stated his desire to take on this nation’s oldest civil-rights organization, the NRA, simply because this association actually supports and fights for personal freedom.

As he did on the campaign trail, he has repeatedly called to ban semi-automatic rifles throughout the nation, ignoring the fact that more than 24 million are in circulation—this statistic clearly shows that these semi-automatic rifles are in common use and so are protected by the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Heller (2008). He even noted his desire to ban these commonly owned firearms in his State of the Union speeches.

He also appointed a gun-control proponent, Steve Dettelbach, to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Dettelbach’s nomination, it should be noted, only came after Biden’s first nominee, David Chipman, who worked for anti-gun groups, was unable to secure the votes to lead the ATF.

Such is why America’s 1st Freedom has reported on, fact-checked, rebutted, and dissected Biden’s lies.

The theme of “Let’s Finish the Job,” would certainly include Biden’s anti-gun agenda. But this announcement comes as more than half of the country has enacted some form of constitutional carry—with nearly a dozen states having done so during Biden’s presidency. Firearms ownership has also skyrocketed in the past few years; this is likely due to a number of reasons, which includes the uptick in crime that arguably has been at least partly the result of policies from many in Biden’s party.

Freedom-loving Americans will need to make their voices heard over the next year-and-a-half, and make sure that this anti-freedom administration doesn’t get another shot at dismantling our constitutional rights. Take it from Biden himself, he wants to finish the job of banning and confiscating Americans’ guns.


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