The Armed Citizen® December 29, 2021

posted on December 29, 2021
The Armed Citizen

A 77-year-old retired Chicago firefighter and CCW holder was working in his garage just after noon on Nov. 6, 2021, when he noticed a vehicle pull into the alley next to him. An unknown man got out of the vehicle and pulled out a gun, instructing the older man to hand over his property. The homeowner drew his own firearm and shot the suspect in the head and chest, killing him. The homeowner was not hurt during the attack. Chicago police recovered two firearms from the scene. (, Chicago, Ill., 11/6/21)

On Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021, just after 11 p.m., an unknown man allegedly entered an Atlanta, Ga., home through a window and armed himself with two kitchen knives. The intruder then tried to stab one of the occupants, who was in a wheelchair. Hearing the commotion, another resident retrieved a firearm and shot the suspect in the stomach and arm. Police officers found the wounded 36-year-old suspect nearby, and paramedics rushed him to the hospital, where he underwent surgery and was listed in stable condition. According to detectives, the suspect will be charged with burglary. (, Atlanta, Ga., 10/14/21)

95-year-old Covington County, Ala., resident was napping in his living room on the evening of Oct. 1, 2021, when he awakened to the sound of shattering glass. The homeowner armed himself before investigating. He found an unknown man ransacking his kitchen. He ordered the intruder to leave, which he did. Officers found the suspect behind another home he had apparently also broken into. Sheriff Blake Turman said “The victim was at a disadvantage physically, but his weapon enabled him to protect himself. The investigation revealed that the suspect fled the residence because the homeowner had armed himself. Thank God this had a good ending, and the victim should be commended on his courage and quick thinking.” (, Montgomery, Ala., 10/4/21)

The driver in a single-car crash in Fairfield County, Ohio, was not initially injured, but left the scene and entered a wooded area. A nearby resident called 911, but while officers were on their way, the driver returned to the crash area and noticed a man and woman standing outside of their home. The motorist approached the couple and started a violent physical altercation with the male. The woman, who is a CCW holder, drew her firearm and shouted for the fight to stop. The suspect turned and started to attack her. She fired five shots, hitting him at least three times, according to the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office. Other witnesses at the scene told officers that the driver was talking and acting strangely before the attack. Emergency aid was given to the suspect, and he was taken to an area hospital in critical condition. (, and, Columbus, Ohio, 10/30/21)

man was in his San Antonio, Texas, home on Oct. 29, 2021, when a 20-year-old male kicked in his back door. When the resident confronted him, the intruder pulled a gun from his waistband. The resident ran to his bedroom to retrieve his own firearm and shot the intruder. The wounded man fled to a getaway car, but shortly after, the driver of that vehicle left the wounded man at a random location. Police officers found the suspect with multiple gunshot wounds and had him transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. (, San Antonio, Texas, 10/29/21)

An Evans City, Pa., resident was in his home with another person on Oct. 30, 2021, when a man forced his way into the basement. The intruder then went upstairs and attempted to hold the occupants at gunpoint. Luckily, the homeowner was able to retrieve his own firearm and shoot the intruder. Chief Joe McCombs of the Evans City Seven Fields Regional Police Department said the suspect's condition was unknown, and the homeowner has been fully cooperative with the investigation: “He listened to instructions and met us out front.” (, Pittsburgh, Pa., 11/1/21; and, Butler, Pa., 10/31/21)

On the morning of Oct. 25, 2021, three suspects—one of them armed—attempted to rob a convenience store in Harris County, Texas. The armed suspects demanded money from the clerk, and a struggle ensued. The clerk was also armed and fired several rounds, hitting one of the men. The suspects ran to a nearby restaurant, where an ambulance happened to be sitting. Paramedics rushed the injured man to a nearby hospital in critical, but stable, condition. The two remaining suspects were apprehended. (, 10/25/21 and, Houston, Texas., 10/26/21)


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