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posted on July 23, 2021
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On the evening of May 21, a 33-year-old man walked into a barber shop in Riverside, Calif., apparently intent on causing harm. According to the Riverside Police Department, the suspect, an ex-employee, started a fight with a former co-worker. During the fight, the suspect stabbed one of the male barbers, and, when a second employee tried to intervene, he was also stabbed. However, one of the victims was able to retrieve his firearm and shoot the attacker. The suspect was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead by the coroner. The two stabbing victims’ injuries reportedly were not life-threatening and deputies said they considered the shooting to be a case of self-defense. ( and, Riverside, Calif., 5/21/21)

On the morning of May 15, a deeply troubled 26-year-old resident of an apartment complex in Fort Smith, Ark., stood outside the building, yelling to get other residents to come outside. According to a witness, two older women went outside to see what was happening and try to console the man, but when they saw he had a gun, both women ran back inside their apartments. Unfortunately, one did not close her door behind her in time, and the alleged shooter followed and shot the 87-year-old multiple times, killing her. He then began shooting at neighboring apartments. During the gunfire, another resident retrieved his rifle and fired to stop the attack, killing the aggressor. Neighbors expressed their gratitude for the man who stopped the rampage. ( and, Fort Smith, Ark., 5/15/21)

In a normally quiet, gated community in Hollister, Calif., a mother home with her two young children early on the morning of May 10discovered an unknown man lurking in her walk-in closet. The suspected burglar was armed with knives and a machete. The mother grabbed her firearm and ordered the man to leave several times. However, the suspect allegedly charged at the mother and she fired a shot, hitting him in the leg. The woman’s husband told reporters she had gone into “mama-bear mode.” In California, “there is a presumption that favors the homeowner. [It is] presumed that the person is in imminent fear of either death or great bodily injury,” according to the assistant district attorney for San Benito County. The mother will not face any charges for defending herself and her family. (, Hollister, Calif., 5/10/21)

Alaska state troopers and police were called to a home in Wasilla, Alaska, on Friday, June 4. According to reports, a 55-year-old female homeowner was home around 10 p.m. when a man forced his way into the house with an ax and threatened to kill her. The woman was able to retrieve her firearm and shoot the intruder before he could carry out his threats. The 66-year-old intruder was taken to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery for non-life-threatening injuries and was determined to be intoxicated. The homeowner will not face any charges; however, the man is facing potential burglary and assault charges. ( and, Wasilla, Alaska, 6/4/21)

On the evening of May 18 in Smithfield Township, Pa., a 26-year-old man was home alone when he became the target of a home invasion. A group of five individuals entered the home and began assaulting the lone occupant, according to a video interview with the first assistant district attorney for Monroe County. During the assault, the victim was able to get to one of his guns and defend himself, shooting and killing one of the invaders and seriously injuring a second one. The remaining three suspects fled the scene, but their images were captured by the home‘s security video surveillance footage as well as by many of the surrounding neighbors’ security cameras. The investigation was still ongoing as this was going to print. (,
Smithfield Township, Pa., 5/18/21)

An attempted kidnapping from a school playground in Ogden, Utah, was stopped by a legally armed school employee. During recess, a 41-year-old man approached a young girl and allegedly tried to pull her away with him. Luckily for the student, a nearby armed school employee saw the encounter, confronted the man and pulled the student from his grasp. He then demanded that the man leave the school property. According to a police report, the employee was able to get all the children inside before the seemingly deranged suspect started punching at a window, trying to gain access to the building. At this point, the school employee drew his firearm and was able to hold the man off until the police arrived. The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Weber County Jail for investigation of child kidnapping. (, and, Ogden, Utah, 5/27/21)


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