The Armed Citizen® February 1, 2021

posted on February 1, 2021
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On the evening of Nov. 3, 2020, in Lauderdale Lakes, Fla., a concealed-carry permit holder was forced to draw and use his firearm to protect himself and another person. The victims were approached by two armed men who attempted to rob them. Fearing for his life, the concealed-carry permit holder shot at the suspected robbers, wounding one of them. The suspects fled the scene, driving a couple of miles away before stopping to call 911. The Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue took the wounded accomplice to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The second robbery suspect was taken into custody by the Broward Sheriff’s Office and is now facing a felony murder charge since his alleged accomplice died during the commission of the crime. (, Lauderdale Lakes, Fla., 11/3/20)

A stop for late-night takeout took a very unusual turn Nov. 29, 2020. A 53-year-old man had walked into the restaurant, went behind the counter, announced to the employees that they were being robbed and demanded everyone’s money. Before anyone could react, a 27-year-old, who was talking on his phone, entered the business. The alleged robber then pointed his gun at the man and demanded his phone. The customer, who has a valid permit to carry, drew his own firearm and shot the perpetrator, striking him in the neck and killing him. The incident is under investigation, but police announced that no charges had been filed against the victim. (, Philadelphia, Pa., 11/30/20)

 Three armed individuals forced their way into a home in Baton Rouge, La., on the night of Nov. 20, 2020. The homeowner was able to get his gun and fire at the invaders, striking two of them. All three intruders fled the scene, driving to a nearby gas station. According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, one of the men died of his injuries, while the other one was treated at a local hospital and later booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on charges of first-degree murder and home invasion. The third suspect was also booked as a fugitive from West Baton Rouge Parish. (, Baton Rouge, La., 11/20/20)

 A construction worker noticed two men trying to steal an air compressor from a home he was working on. The worker confronted one of the men, who jumped into a nearby gray sedan with the air compressor. Another man pulled his gun and pointed it at the construction worker, and then the man with the air compressor dropped it and began firing at the worker. The worker dropped to the ground and shot back at the suspects while they fled the scene. Upon arrival, the Memphis Fire Department verified that no one at the scene was hurt, though everyone was reportedly “shaken up.” Memphis police found seven cartridge cases in the street and driveway of the scene. No charges have been brought against the victim, whom police say appeared to have been justified in the shooting. (, Memphis, Tenn., 10/30/20)

 A homeowner was forced to defend himself against a suspected burglar  he found hiding inside his closet on the morning of Nov. 12, 2020. When the homeowner opened the door, he saw a man he didn’t know, holding his wallet and a pair of his shorts, staring back at him. The intruder then became agitated and combative, causing the homeowner to defend himself by firing shots at him. According to Van Buren Police Sgt. Jonathan Wear, the suspect was shot in the leg and taken to a hospital for treatment of his wounds. Once released, the suspect would be arrested and face burglary charges. The homeowner is not facing any charges. (, Van Buren, Ark., 11/12/20)

 On Dec. 10 in Maplewood, a suburb of St. Louis, Mo., a clerk was alone in the store after hours when a man came in and threatened him with a gun. The employee was able to defend himself with his own firearm, shooting the robbery suspect three times. When the police arrived, they found the suspect lying on the floor of the employee breakroom. He was transported to a local hospital, where he underwent surgery for his injuries. Police are not seeking charges against the clerk because he acted in self-defense. ( and, Maplewood, Mo., 12/10/20)


AR15 NRA Photo Snyder W0976 SI GB 0006
AR15 NRA Photo Snyder W0976 SI GB 0006

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