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posted on January 27, 2023
The Armed Citizen

The morning of Dec. 14, 2022, a 29-year-old man with “jealousy issues” showed up at an Amazon warehouse where his girlfriend worked, allegedly seeking to threaten or harm a male coworker of hers. He was attempting to get into the rear entrance when another employee, who reportedly didn’t recognize the man and thought he was acting strangely, confronted him and tried to get him to leave. The man shot at this employee several times. A third man, witnessing the attack and armed with his own gun, came to the victim’s defense, shooting the assailant and stopping the attack. Police said the suspect died from a combination of the armed citizen’s shots and from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. They also confirmed they are not investigating the armed citizen, calling him a good Samaritan. (, Arlington, Va., 12/17/2022)

On Dec. 11, 2022, a masked man entered a wings restaurant in Warner Robins, Ga., demanding money at gunpoint. The robber then jumped over the counter and struck an employee with the gun. The worker, however, pulled his own legally owned pistol and fired at his attacker, striking him twice. The assailant fled, but police soon located him and transported him to the hospital, where he died of his wounds. (Fox News, New York, N.Y., 12/11/2022)


The Armed Citizen
The Armed Citizen

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