The Armed Citizen® September 9, 2022

posted on September 9, 2022
The Armed Citizen

Mowing her lawn one otherwise-normal Thursday afternoon in Bibb County, Ga., a 67-year-old woman was tackled by a naked 25-year-old man. The deranged 25-year-old succeeded at knocking her off the riding lawnmower and began assaulting her. The woman’s 66-year-old husband saw what was going on and tried to pull the attacker off. The deranged man then started to assault the husband but stopped and turned his attention back to the woman. The husband took advantage of the assailant’s distraction, retrieved his firearm and shot the suspect in the chest, killing him. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital and listed in stable condition. Her husband had minor wounds and was treated at the scene. No charges were expected to be brought against the husband. (, Atlanta, Ga., 5/7/22 and, Seattle, Wash., 5/6/22)

ALos Angeles, Calif., couple were asleep in the early-morning hours of May 21 when two armed people allegedly tried breaking into their home. After being startled awake, the male homeowner armed himself and investigated the noise. He confronted one of the armed intruders, and the two shot at each other. The intruder was shot in the upper torso and pronounced dead at the scene. His weapon was recovered there by authorities. The second suspect fled before deputies arrived and has remained at large. Neither of the residents was hurt in the clash. (, Los Angeles, Calif., 5/22/22)


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If you’ve ever wondered why nonviolent felonies should disqualify someone from their Second Amendment rights for life, then you’re asking the same question a court just did.

The Red Tape of the Bureaucracy

Despite the Second Amendment’s plain language, there are still many places throughout the country in which it is nearly impossible for even the most conscientious citizen to follow the letter of the law. This is by design.

The Increasing Burden of Backdoor Gun Control

A mountain of fees, regulations and more is making it increasingly difficult for many law-abiding Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights. This is what gun-control proponents want.

Biden to Create Anti-Second Amendment Federal Office

President Joe Biden is reportedly set to announce that his administration is creating a new federal office.

From the Editor | The Wildness of the Human Experience

Many people hide behind and project their ideological fantasies onto the political world. If only these same people would take a clear, honest look around them, they might just learn a thing or two.

President’s Column | It’s Your Most Fundamental Freedom — So Set The Record Straight.

As the Declaration of Independence says, all free people “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” The first and most-fundamental of these is the right to arms to defend ourselves.


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