The Armed Citizen® January 5, 2024

posted on January 5, 2024
The Armed Citizen

A couple in Bellefontaine Neighbors, Mo., had just dropped off their child at school around 9 a.m. on Oct. 13, but came back to their house to retrieve a forgotten item. The woman exited the vehicle and went inside, leaving the front car door open, while the man stayed in the back seat. A male reportedly jumped out of a vehicle that had followed them home and entered the open car door. The man in the backseat shot the would-be carjacker, who then fled to the waiting vehicle. The occupants of that vehicle fired at the defender as they left, striking him in the elbow. Police later arrested the suspected carjacker. (, St. Louis, Mo., 10/13/23)

A man was driving in Forsyth County, Ga., on Oct. 5, when the person driving in front of him slammed on his brakes. Both vehicles then stopped at a red light, whereupon the man in the vehicle that had braked suddenly reportedly rolled down his window and began yelling obscenities at the other driver, then exited his vehicle and allegedly physically attacked the other driver through his open window. The road rager then stabbed the other driver’s tire, then reportedly advanced on him with his knife in hand. The driver still in his vehicle feared for his life and shot the other man in the hand. The suspect was arrested and was to be charged with aggravated assault, criminal damage to property and battery. (, Atlanta, Ga., 10/5/23)


SDS MAC 2  Tactical Wood
SDS MAC 2  Tactical Wood

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