The Armed Citizen® January 6, 2023

posted on January 6, 2023
The Armed Citizen

A 36-year-old man allegedly broke into a home in Edinburg, Texas, the evening of Oct. 25, 2022, through the garage, and then tried to get into the locked bedroom in which the homeowner and her children had retreated. The homeowner warned the intruder that she had called police and that she had a gun. However, the man reportedly continued trying to get into the bedroom. The homeowner shot through the door once, whereupon the man fled. Police located him about 100 yards away in a field. They took him to be treated for the gunshot wound in his left arm and charged him with burglary of habitation with intent. (, Waco, Texas, 10/30/2022; Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post, 10/26/2022)

A round 3:30 a.m. the morning of Nov. 2, 2022, a homeowner in Warren County, Ohio, called 911 to report that he’d shot a burglar. The homeowner told dispatchers he “just happened to hear the door slide” and saw a stranger entering. He said, “hey,” to the man, who then reportedly began to aggressively approach. The homeowner, however, shot at the intruder, striking him in the buttocks. “I didn’t know if … I thought he was going to kill me,” the homeowner told dispatchers. The suspect fled the home, but K-9 dogs found him hiding in a nearby shed shortly thereafter. He was taken to the hospital and charged with burglary. Police said the homeowner was justified in shooting the suspect. (, Cincinnati, Ohio, 11/2/2022)



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