The Armed Citizen® July 22, 2022

posted on July 22, 2022
The Armed Citizen

In a normally quiet southeast Houston neighborhood, around midnight on April 12, an elderly woman was at home alone when she heard a knock on her door. The person knocking was a male dressed in scrubs pretending to be a healthcare worker. The 65-year-old homeowner refused to open the door and called her son, who, fortunately, lived nearby. Just after the invader abandoned his ruse and busted through the front door, the woman’s son arrived, shot him, and ultimately killed him. The armed citizen was not expected to face charges. (, Houston, Texas, 4/12/22)

On the night of April 17, as a resident returned to his home and was trying to unlock his door, he was approached by two men impersonating police officers, with one of the suspects displaying a fake police badge around his neck. The two unknown and armed men forced the man to go into the dwelling and demanded money. The men allegedly tied the homeowners’ hands with zip ties while threatening to kill him, according to an inspector. The 25-year-old victim, a licensed carry holder, fearing for his life, was able to free his hands and get to the firearm in his pocket. He fired multiple shots at the suspects, hitting one of them three times. The second suspect ran from the scene, and police were still looking for him. The injured suspect was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. No charges had yet been filed. (, and, Philadelphia, Pa., 4/18/22)

A graduation party at an apartment complex in Charleston, W.Va., on May 25, became the scene of a shooting in which luckily only the suspect was injured and killed. The suspect had been warned about speeding with children playing in the area. Upset about the comment, he left the area, returned with an AR-15-style firearm and began firing into the crowd. One of the party attendees, who was legally carrying her own pistol, was able to shoot and kill the gunman before he wounded or killed anyone at the party. Charleston Police Department Chief of Detectives Tony Hazelett credited the armed citizen with bravery for engaging the threat and saving many lives. No charges were to be brought against the armed citizen. (, Charleston, W.Va., 5/25/22)


Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.
Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.

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