The Armed Citizen® March 22, 2022

posted on March 24, 2022
The Armed Citizen

On the afternoon of Jan. 11, 2022, the Chickasha, Okla., police were called to the scene of a car crash that ended with a death. This bizarre situation started when a man drove his car through a nearby KFC restaurant, damaging the building, and continued through several front lawns before backing into a home, then getting out and banging on its windows. When a neighbor went out to his porch to investigate the commotion, the suspect charged the man and assaulted his wife as he entered their home. The homeowner shot the crazed home invader, who died at the scene. (, Tulsa, Okla., 1/11/22)

On the evening of Jan. 2, an unknown man broke into a home in Salem, Ore. A 62-year-old man was with his daughter and grandchildren in the home. The homeowner was able to retrieve his firearm and defend himself and his family, shooting and killing the intruder. The police were called to the scene and responders pronounced the intruder dead. A defense attorney confirmed to the media that Oregon is a “stand your ground” state with no requirement to retreat when in imminent danger. (, Salem, Ore., 1/3/22)


Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Biden Keeps Pushing To Ban Semi-Automatics

Biden seems determined to try to ban not just so-called “assault weapons,” but also now seems to be going after all semi-automatic firearms, by implying anyone who owns them must be, in his mind, “sick.”

Hollywood Gets It Wrong, Again

Reality tells a different story than Hollywood on Armed Citizens.

The Politically Incorrect Truth About America's Rifle

For the truth on America's rifle, America's 1st Freedom spoke to the man who wrote the book on it.

A Look At Some Of What To Expect In 2023

This year, we will push to expand constitutional carry, right-to-carry laws and fight the gun control groups' continued attempts to use the financial sector to effectively get the restrictions they can't get through legislatures. And this is just the beginning of what we will do!

Gun-Control Groups Present a Demand List to Biden

A long list of gun-control groups recently signed a letter telling President Biden that his gun-control actions are not enough. In his upcoming State of the Union Address, they want him to agree to much more.

Gun Skills: Shooting from Retreat

Shooting at a stationary target doesn't represent a defensive situation; it's important to "get off the X." But even when we do, we often forget rearward motion as an option.


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