The Armed Citizen® November 25, 2022

posted on November 25, 2022
The Armed Citizen

Homeowners in Livingston Parish, La., were awakened around 2 a.m. on Oct. 10 by noises coming from their carport area. They discovered an armed woman who allegedly had broken their backdoor window and entered the home. One homeowner shot at the intruder, striking her in the leg and hip. The suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment and faces charges including aggravated burglary, vehicle theft and illegal use of weapons. The homeowners were not injured. (, Los Angeles, Calif., 10/11/2022;, Baton Rouge, La., 10/11/2022)

During the morning of Oct. 3, a Wayne County, W.Va., woman reportedly heard someone opening her car door, looked out and saw a man who “looked a little out of his mind” now walking onto her porch. Her dog interceded as the man tried to enter through her front door, so the man continued to another neighbor’s home. The woman called 911 and her neighbors. A retired teacher in the neighborhood, who was also an unopposed Republican candidate for the House of Delegates, was notified of the stranger moving toward his daughter’s home nearby. Knowing several family members were there and that police were too distant to intervene quickly, the candidate retrieved his pistol and went to investigate. He spotted the man attempting to enter the basement of his daughter’s home, so he ordered him to get on the ground and held him at gunpoint there for about half an hour until state police arrived and arrested the suspect. “I, for one, am not going to stand around and let thugs and drugs take over our community […] It’s about doing what’s right,” the candidate told reporters. (, Huntington, W.Va., 10/3/22)


unholstering a handgun
unholstering a handgun

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