The Armed Citizen® October 14, 2022

posted on October 14, 2022
The Armed Citizen

In Indianapolis, Ind., a man defended himself from an armed robber in the early morning hours of Friday, July 29. The home had been broken into earlier in the week and robbed of several thousands of dollars’ worth of electronic equipment, so the homeowner was immediately on alert when he heard someone break through a side window. He came downstairs to check on the situation and encountered an intruder armed with a knife, who threw a video game system at him. The homeowner responded to the attack by shooting at the robber, who ran upstairs and died in a bedroom. This is the second time this homeowner has had to defend himself in his home; a similar incident occurred in 2014. “You shouldn’t have to be armed inside of your own house,” the homeowner told news reporters. “It’s sad, but it is like that.” (, Indianapolis, Ind., 7/29/22;, Fort Wayne, Ind., 7/29/22)

Early in the morning on Sunday, Aug. 7, a package delivery driver in Middletown, Ohio, said he saw a man strolling toward him, but then the man suddenly ran toward him with a knife in hand, yelling “knife fight, knife fight, knife fight!” The delivery driver had a firearm in his pocket and shot the assailant in the leg. The knife-wielding man ran off but was detained by police shortly afterward; they took him to the hospital, but the man left before receiving treatment. Police again detained him and took him back to the hospital. The assailant, whom police reportedly suspected of being on drugs, was facing charges of felonious assault; the armed citizen was not expected to face any charges. (, Middletown, Ohio, 8/11/22)


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NRA Gun Collector program

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