The Armed Citizen® October 28, 2022

posted on October 28, 2022
The Armed Citizen


In Lincoln County, Miss., during the early-morning hours of Tuesday, July 19, police received a call about a man threatening people at one residence, but the man had left before officers arrived. However, as they investigated that incident, they received another call about a man breaking into a home and assaulting two men there. When they arrived at that scene, they found that a neighbor there had also been attacked. Again, as they investigated, they received another disturbance call—this time, that a man had attempted to hit someone with his car and had been shot. The man, who was later found to be connected to each of these disturbances, died of his injuries at the hospital. The armed citizen was not charged. (, Jackson, Miss., 7/19/2022)

A 52-year-old man was at home visiting with a friend just before 8 a.m. on Aug. 13 when he discovered a male trespasser on his property in Emerald Township, Ohio, and called police. Before deputies could arrive, the trespasser assaulted the homeowner’s friend. The homeowner attempted to stop the assault, telling the unknown man multiple times to stop or he would shoot him. The assailant, however, then directed his attack at the homeowner, who shot him in the hip, stopping the attack. The investigation was still ongoing, but the sheriff noted that officers believed the 28-year-old trespasser to have been under the influence of illegal drugs. “The property owner and his friend were presented with a stranger acting erratically and the man eventually became violent by physically assaulting someone,” the sheriff noted. “I don’t want to see people being shot, but I wholeheartedly believe people have a right to protect themselves ... and in this case, it appears to be a justified self-defense situation.” (, Lima, Ohio, 8/13/2022)


unholstering a handgun
unholstering a handgun

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