The Threat Of Lone Wolf Attacks

posted on June 27, 2016

NRA News Commentator and Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso spent 12 years hunting down terrorists. Now he has a message for every American: “We need leaders who will get rid of useless gun-free zone laws that give killers a clear advantage over the law-abiding.”

In his newly released video commentary, “The Threat Of Lone Wolf Attacks,” Raso asserts that those who are more concerned with offending our enemies than stopping them are making themselves and other Americans “sheep” and easy targets for radical Islamic terrorists and the lone wolves they inspire. “Rather than addressing this obvious threat with simple, clear solutions … the liberal media, PC politicians and Hollywood know-it-alls attack people like me.”“That problem is on the president’s desk every single day; and our failure to respond to that problem proves how weak we’ve become.” — Dom Raso, NRA News commentator

To underscore his message that we cannot trust our politicians or the media to tell the truth, Raso points to Benghazi: “Only in Washington is it possible for anyone to believe that hundreds of people decided to grab AK-47s and mortars, and started attacking the American consulate in Benghazi because of a stupid video.” 

Raso is adamant that allowing Americans to become radicalized, to embrace violent ideologies such as that propounded by ISIS, is one of the greatest risks that we face. “That problem is on the president’s desk every single day; and our failure to respond to that problem proves how weak we’ve become.”

For Raso’s complete analysis of the threat posed by lone wolf terrorism—and what we can do about it—watch his video.

“The Threat Of Lone Wolf Attacks” is available, along with a complete transcript, here.


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