These Are The Times People Will Remember

posted on February 2, 2020

When Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City and the founder of multiple gun-control groups, announced he was running for president, he also said his news service would not investigate him or his rivals who are vying for the Democratic Party’s nomination. He said Bloomberg News, which has over 2,000 employees, would, however, keep investigating and writing opinion pieces about President Donald J. Trump.

This means that the many reporters with Bloomberg News have basically been given marching orders to openly behave as operatives of the Democratic Party.

This prompted David Martosko, the U.S. politics editor for the Daily Mail, to tweet: “I predict Trump rallies will include this: ‘Is there a Bloomberg reporter back there in the fake news section? They fly on Air Force One every day and chase me around but Little Mike won’t let them investigate ANY Democrats. It’s crooked as hell.’”

The possibility of that being said by Trump at a campaign rally was quickly dashed, however, as the Trump administration responded by announcing that Bloomberg’s reporters would not be given press credentials to attend Trump’s campaign events.

The thing is, Bloomberg’s anti-journalistic move is not surprising. His gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety, for example, already won’t speak with reporters who won’t print its propaganda almost verbatim. Everytown isn’t interested in honest, bipartisan fact-finding on issues related to guns any more than Bloomberg is in this campaign.

Even Bloomberg’s political website states: “Taking on the Gun Lobby: While other elected officials live in fear of the NRA, Mike has led the effort to stop gun violence and keep communities safe.” This declaration is hardly an attempt to bring people together to find the best ways to reduce homicide rates where they are high, such as in areas with stringent gun-control laws. Rather, it’s a political statement, a declaration from Bloomberg that he intends to do all he can to vanquish his political opponents—meaning you and this civil-liberties association.

This is an election in which Bloomberg is all in with his $55-billion fortune. Whether he is the nominee or not, his money will be a big factor as he attempts to fool people into voting away their freedom for perceived security. Bloomberg is selling policies that don’t create better, freer and safer communities.

After Bloomberg declared that his large news company would openly behave as a political machine, he went to Colorado to unveil the basic framework of his gun-control agenda, which (no surprises here) includes: So-called “universal” background checks; a new ban on popular semi-automatic rifles and so-called “high-capacity magazines;” raising the age to buy a gun of any type to 21; a two-day waiting period for all gun purchases; a gun-owner licensing scheme; a repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act so that anti-gun activists can sue a gun maker out of business if a criminal uses its product illegally; and much more.

These are positions that, unfortunately, all of the leading candidates now hoping to be the Democratic nominee pretty much agree on.

Obviously, if you care about American freedom, this is not an election season to be complacent. This is an election in which our freedom will be on the ballot.


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