Wanted Fugitive Exploited Computer Glitches in NICS Background Check System to Buy Guns Four Times

posted on March 15, 2019

Despite touting it protects people “by not letting guns fall into the wrong hands,” the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) was no match for a wanted fugitive who exploited its computer glitches and bought guns several times.

A South Carolina pawn shop alerted federal agents it received notification about outstanding Louisiana arrest warrants for the fugitive after he had already left with a gun he bought there.

A search warrant revealed the wanted man “was able to buy them because of a problem” with NICS and “exploited the problems with the computer system” multiple times.

According to the NICS: “Before ringing up the sale [of a firearm], cashiers call in a check to the FBI or to other designated agencies to ensure that each customer does not have a criminal record or isn’t otherwise ineligible to make a purchase.”

Despite the NICS checks, the wanted fugitive was able to buy guns four times—apparently he lied on the forms by denying he was a fugitive from justice.

Federal agents went to a hotel where they found the wanted man with four guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. He was arrested for having a fake driver's license, but no information was available about whether he faced criminal charges for having firearms and ammunition.


AR15 NRA Photo Snyder W0976 SI GB 0006
AR15 NRA Photo Snyder W0976 SI GB 0006

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