Wayne LaPierre Speaks Directly To Failing Media In Newest NRA Ad

posted on April 10, 2017

NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre stars in the NRA’s newly released commercial. The video is a part of the nationally successful "Freedom’s Safest Place" campaign.

Aptly named "Why The Media Is Failing," LaPierre tells the mainstream media that they have never been less trusted, less credible or less respected.

“For decades, you ignored calls from millions of gun owners to just tell the truth,” he says. “All you had to do was just get the facts right about our guns and our freedom. Instead you weaponized the First Amendment against the Second. And now the whole country sees you for the mockery we've always known. Your claim to the truth is as legitimate as a thief's.”

LaPierre declares that if the fate of American freedom had rested in the media’s hands, our nation would have fallen long ago. Instead, Americans placed their faith with the most trusted defender of individual freedom in American history, the NRA.

The NRA chief's commentary is a powerful reminder of what the 5 million members of the NRA have accomplished—and the fight that still remains.  

The new spots will air on national television and on NRATV. Watch Wayne LaPierre’s new “Freedom's Safest Place” video above and on NRATV.



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