Where to See Red When Shopping for Valentine’s Day

posted on February 11, 2020

It’s time to go shopping for Valentine’s Day for that special person who loves to shoot or hunt. Here are a few options, and if you order now, you might get it delivered in time. If not, tuck a love note inside a valentine’s card and tell your special one what’s on order (and then make or take him or her to dinner).

Ruger Red Tumbler

You are no doubt familiar with the Big Green (hey, St. Patrick’s Day is next on the holiday list), but there’s also Big Red, aka Ruger. If you’ve never shopped its website, you might be interested in learning that you may purchase all things Ruger red here; for example, this matte-red Cece tumbler offers copper vacuum insulation and will hold either hot or cold beverages, and it sports the Ruger logo, so win-win. I’m thinking a red Cabernet would go well in this vessel, preferably while sitting around a campfire. I’d also fill this one with dark chocolates, from Belgium. Or, you could go American and fill it with Hershey’s kisses. You might buy a matching set. ($19.95)

Crimson Trace Red Laser Sights

If your valentine has expressed an interest in upgrading a concealed-carry or target pistol, rifle or shotgun, it’s time to check out the line of Crimson Trace red laser options—available to attach/add to an accessory rail, grip or trigger guard. Crimson Trace’s stellar reputation is well-known throughout the gun industry, so it is a tried-and-true product line that you can trust to deliver. (Prices range from the mid-$100s to nearly $400, depending on the make and model of firearm, and product.)

Action Target Right and Left Feedback Target

These new targets from Action Target offer immediate feedback for when a bullet lands somewhere other than the circle on the target. Available in right-hand and left-hand options, and with red target circles. You may accessorize this purchase with matching with Right/Left Hand Mini Target Feedback Cards, too. These cards can tuck into a range bag or work with training classes as supplements, so that new shooters understand the reasons shots fall where they do. (Prices vary for quantities ordered.)

Aimpoint Red-Dot Sights

Aimpoint offers a line of red-dot sights for standard/short action, optic-ready rifles and pistols. I recently heard a competition shooter talk about why she liked her Aimpoint Acro C-1, which can be used on for hunting or sport shooting. She sold me on the quality and craftsmanship of Aimpoint’s optics, which also have been around for several years (1975). Attaches by mount (purchase separately) to either a Weaver or Picatinny rail. ($599)

Coronado Leather Hobo in Red

I readily admit I’m a purse snob; especially when it comes to concealed-carry purses. If only Coach made a CCW bag, but where Coach falls short, Coronado Leather steps in with the perfect substitute of beautifully crafted, butter-soft Horween Dearborn leather. This new classic hobo is made from red leather and made in a small batch, especially for Valentine’s Day. Fewer than 25 pieces were made, so don’t think too long or hard about this offer. If you don’t want the big hobo bag, you might be enticed to go with the wristlet or pouch—both cost significantly less, but pack an equally big red punch to your line of accessories. (Hobo Handbag, $349; Wristlet, $69; Pouch, $49)

Pilla’s New 52CHC Filtration Lens in Outlaw X7 Series

You’ll see these shooting glasses with their premium Zeiss lenses on champion shotgunners, so why not up your valentine’s visual experience on the range or in the field, too? Pilla recently introduced the new Zeiss Red-Chromashift High Contrast lens. Pilla claims it will elevate color acquisition with “rich definition.” Available in the Outlaw series, which recently introduced the new X7 with more wrap and a smaller temple-to-temple measure. It’s also available in prescriptions. ($899)


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