Will President Obama Have The Guts To Debate The NRA On Fair Terms?

posted on January 15, 2016
Michael Ives/Jim Watson

When Barack Obama staged his so-called “town hall” on CNN in an attempt to gin up support for his anti-gun executive orders on Jan. 7, he did his best to attack the National Rifle Association for not being there.

“They’re just down the street,” Obama said. “There’s a reason they’re not here.” “Let’s see if you’re game for a fair debate. It’s your chance to show the American people you’re not afraid to meet the NRA on neutral ground.” – NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre

For once, Obama was right. There were a lot of reasons the NRA wasn’t there. But it doesn’t take a PR professional to know what they are. Think about it.

When the nation’s number-one defender of the Second Amendment, which President Obama seeks to gut, is invited to his “town hall,” but is allowed to ask the president only one question that Obama and his handlers are allowed to see in advance, prepare for, and bury in a blizzard of rehearsed rhetoric ... 

... when the “town hall” is moderated by a member of the so-called “mainstream” media who was personally selected by Obama, and whose career depends on having access to, and friendly relations with, the president and politicians in his party ...

... when the other participants in the event are personally selected by the White House, and their questions are also pre-screened and scripted with answers to be rehearsed by the president and his handlers ... 

... and when the whole show is staged and choreographed by the White House publicity machine in an election year when gun control is front-and-center on the national debate—and when the president has vowed not to support any candidate who does not support his anti-gun schemes—any pretense of “fair and honest debate” is nothing more than bait for a carefully laid ambush and political lynching.

So: What can the NRA do when the playing field is tilted against gun owners and the Second Amendment so unfairly? 

Simple: Challenge the president to a debate on neutral ground, with a moderator acceptable to both sides, and rules agreed to by both sides in advance. 

On Wednesday, that’s exactly what NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre did. 

In a powerful, provocative, eight-minute video, LaPierre issued a challenge to Obama.“Mr. President, pre-screened questions that lead to your long-winded answers are anything but an honest dialogue.But I’ll tell you what: I’ll meet you for a one-on-one, one-hour debate with a mutually agreed-upon moderator on any network that will take it.” – NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre

“Mr. President, pre-screened questions that lead to your long-winded answers are anything but an honest dialogue,” LaPierre said. “But I’ll tell you what: I’ll meet you for a one-on-one, one-hour debate with a mutually agreed-upon moderator on any network that will take it.” 

It’s a strategy grounded in the reality that when Americans know the truth, Americans choose the side of freedom every time. 

Our nation’s political history proves the point: Americans believe in their God-given right to defend themselves and their families.

Americans don’t like hypocrites, and they oppose elitist politicians who want one set of rules for themselves, and another set of rules for everybody else.

And when those politicians lie to the American people to justify using executive orders and other schemes to defy the will of the people—as President Obama has done, and Hillary Clinton has vowed to do—the American people rise up in elections to take back their freedom to secure their families’ safety. 

The question now is, will Obama pick up the gauntlet?

He certainly talks a good game. As he told CNN moderator Anderson Cooper at his town hall, “I’ve said this repeatedly, I’m happy to meet with [the NRA]. I’m happy to talk to them, but the conversation has to be based on facts and truth ...” 

But as LaPierre succinctly and systematically made the case in his video titled “Challenge for the President,” the facts and truth are exactly what Obama wants buried

Watch the video for yourself here and decide for yourself which side you believe and support. Pass it around to your friends, fellow gun owners and anyone else who cares about their freedom, their safety and their right to protect themselves and their families.

Use Your Power!

Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 and leave a message for President Obama. Tell him that if he really cares about “the facts and truth,” then he should let the American people hear them in a debate with the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre. You should also join the fight to protect our gun rights from the president’s agenda by joining the National Rifle Association or upgrading your membership here.




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