Your NRA Headquarters

posted on January 3, 2020

This month I would like to highlight the resources located at your NRA Headquarters, in Fairfax, Va., that are available to members, as well as the general public. NRA Headquarters proudly houses the National Firearms Museum, the NRA Range and the NRA Store-right outside of our nation’s capital.

If you love history, the National Firearms Museum is a great place to visit. The museum is the custodian of approximately 10,000 firearms, and proudly displays more than 2,500 of those at a time. With exhibits covering seven centuries of firearms development and history, the galleries are arranged chronologically with each evocative of a period of time in American history. Exhibits include firearms used for competitions, hunting, personal defense, recreational shooting and law enforcement work. Also on display are military arms used by the United States, its allies and enemies in major conflicts from the American Revolution through Desert Storm. One of the more popular attractions is the “Hollywood Guns” exhibit that features actual guns used by John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and many more stars of film and television over the last 80 years. The National Firearms Museum is made possible by generous donations and partial funding by the NRA Foundation, a 501(c)3 corporation.

After indulging in our rich firearms history, you may want to stop by the NRA Range to practice your shooting skills. The range is open for recreational shooting, and is used for NRA Firearm Training courses, junior shooting programs, NRA Instructor courses, shooting clinics and many other activities. The range is also available for private events. Once at the range, you will enjoy one of the premier family-friendly indoor shooting facilities in the country! The 50-yard, wheelchair-accessible, range features 15 shooting booths, with ample room for pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting. Its automatic target-retrieval system can place targets at any distance in one-foot increments from seven to 150 feet and the revolutionary backstop system enables guests to fire rifle cartridges up to .460 Weatherby Magnum and pistol cartridges up to .500 Smith & Wesson. Highly trained NRA certified Range Safety Officers are on-site to supervise all shooting activities and ensure safety. For more information about the NRA Range, please visit

To show your NRA pride, stop by the NRA Store located in our South Tower, right outside of the National Firearms Museum. The small satellite store offers items from the NRA Store catalog, along with exclusive items that can only be purchased at NRA Headquarters. The NRA Store boasts more than 2,800 items in over 30 categories, from shirts, hats, outerwear, shooting gear, concealment equipment and more. You can view all 2,800 items by going to NRA Store also produces five print catalogs each year with a circulation of 3 million copies. To request a print catalog or to receive email notifications about sales and other exclusive offers, please go to or call (888) 607-6007.

Whether visiting the National Firearms Museum, the NRA Range, the NRA Store or the NRA Café, please accept our thanks for your most gracious support, and know that 100% of your purchases and donations go to support vital NRA programs. Always know by working together, we will prevail.  



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