What Will Be Your Firearms Legacy?

posted on January 8, 2024
WWII firearms
Photos courtesy Amoskeag Auction House

As we grow older and make plans for our loved ones and our special treasures, all firearms owners must eventually answer the question, “What will happen to my guns when I’m gone?” For many NRA members and friends, the answer is NRA Firearms For Freedom, a unique program which supports the liberties that built this country via gifts of firearms.

Some donated firearms may be suitable for the National Firearms Museum collection—which may qualify as a charitable gift for tax purposes. Other firearms could be part of your long-term strategic financial plan, or may be auctioned, with proceeds benefiting the NRA program of your choice.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff works closely with you to discuss your specific giving objectives. Your needs may be met with a current gift, immediately converting firearms into funds used to meet today’s mounting challenges and opportunities, or perhaps a charitable gift annuity as a source of income for your family may be the answer. In some cases, our advisors may suggest an estate plan with tax deductions and other considerations. Simple or complex, we’ll help you achieve your philanthropic goals confidentially and quickly.

The NRA’s primary mission, to protect your right to own and use firearms, requires vigilance and significant financial resources. Your gift of firearms provides critical funds enabling NRA to respond to urgent challenges or to grow our vital programs and activities.

Most adults do not have a plan or a will in place. Without a legacy strategy, the government does have a plan for your estate and firearms, and odds are it won’t match your desires. So, make a powerful statement and help preserve our way of life, by donating or bequeathing your guns through the NRA Firearms For Freedom program. Set up a free consultation with us at [email protected] or toll-free at (855) 467-2333.



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