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Firearm For A Famous Frenchman

Firearm For A Famous Frenchman

Photo credit: Michael Ives

Born in 1808 in Paris, France, his is a name seen throughout French history. He once declared, "I believe that from time to time, men are created whom I call volunteers of providence, in whose hands are placed the destiny of their countries. I believe I am one of those men. If I am wrong, I can perish uselessly. If I am right, then providence will put me into a position to fulfill my mission." 

His role in failed coups led to prison time in the early 1800s. He eventually escaped in 1846 by simply walking out disguised as a laborer. 

In later years, he would be credited with modernizing the French banking system, expanding the railway system and helping the French merchant marine corps become the second largest in the world. 

Who was this descendent of a well-known family? What role did he have in the Revolution of 1848? And who crafted this special carbine for him? Click here to meet this important French figure and learn more about one of his cherished firearms. You’ll find more storied guns in the galleries of the NRA National Firearms Museum, located in Fairfax, Virginia.

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