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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Indiana Committee Votes To Remove Concealed-Carry “Hurdles”

Hoosiers could find it less complicated to carry a gun for self-defense purposes next year. On Tuesday, the Indiana Joint Committee on Judiciary and Public Policy voted 15-5 in favor of “remov[ing] hurdles that restrict the ability of law abiding Hoosiers to exercise their state and federal constitutional rights to bear arms and defend themselves.”

As NRA-ILA reported, the recommendation was adopted at the conclusion of a summer study following the enactment of House Bill 1071. That legislation ensures that victims of domestic violence are not left defenseless by enabling them to carry a handgun for self-defense without a license while they are waiting for their carry permit to be approved.

Current Indiana law requires prospective gun carriers to fill out an application, be fingerprinted and pay up to $125 in fees. State Police data shows that 134,000 permits were issued in 2016, while 4,800 permits were denied.