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Thursday, August 10, 2017

More Details On Second Amendment Guarantee Act

We told you last week how U.S. Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., has introduced the Second Amendment Guarantee Act. Now NRA’s Institute for Legislative action is explaining the importance of the measure.

According to NRA-ILA, the bill is a response to anti-gun laws in a small handful of jurisdictions—including California, Connecticut, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York—that criminalize the mere possession of highly popular semi-automatic long guns widely available throughout the rest of the country. Although rifles or shotguns of any sort are used less often in murders than knives, blunt objects such as clubs or hammers, or even hands, fists and feet, gun control advocates have sought to portray the banned guns as somehow uniquely dangerous to public safety.  

“With states violating Americans’ rights and federal courts allowing them to act with impunity, it is up to Congress to ensure that all Americans, wherever they may live, have access to the best, most modern and innovative firearms for their lawful needs, including the protection of themselves and their families,” the ILA report concluded. “The NRA thanks Rep. Chris Collins for leading this important effort and urges his colleagues to cosponsor and support this staunchly pro-gun legislation.”