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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NBC: Throw Groceries To Stop Armed Robberies

What should you do during a convenience store robbery? That’s the question NBC’s “Today” show posed as it examined a string of violent robberies occurring this summer across the United States. For an answer, they turned to survival expert Mykel Hawke.

“If there’s a robbery, don’t try to be a hero, don’t try to fight,” advised Hawke. When investigative journalist Jeff Rossen asked what to do if the gunman has you cornered and “you feel like he’s right about to shoot you,” Hawke’s response was that “you’ve got to try to escape.” He suggested distracting the gunman and throwing groceries at him.

Not once in the minute-and-a-half segment did either Hawke or Rossen suggest the possibility of a shopper having a concealed firearm. As NewsBusters notes, it’s the third crime-fighting report from NBC that refuses to acknowledge that anyone other than a criminal might own a gun. So while “non-existent” law-abiding gun owners continue to train at the range, NBC viewers will be home practicing the bread toss.