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#BoycottNRA Riles Website Writer

#BoycottNRA Riles Website Writer

NRA members probably figured that calls to boycott companies that do business with the gun-rights group would backfire, but the Arbalest Quarrel is taking that a bit further, suggesting that they might be illegal.

The movement arose after the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

While it might be a stretch to definitively say the boycotts are illegal, the website’s article calls the move “legally suspect.”

It’s undoubtedly a complicated issue, and the argument centers on the First Amendment—another one of our American rights that the Second Amendment actually protects.

The article makes the case that threatening the companies with economic consequences amounts to extortion.

The question about whether it crosses the legal line might not be answered anytime soon, but the AQ writer also points to the boycott being morally objectionable.

The AQ staff includes people with law degrees, police experience, firearm instruction experience and more. And much of their fight for firearms freedom comes as a result of New York state’s draconian gun control.

Read their full argument here.

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