Second Amendment Backers Must Stand and Fight

posted on May 1, 2018

Recently the anti-gun community’s boisterous roar has resounded through our nation more loudly than ever before. This roar seemingly pierces the aegis of our Second Amendment and diminishes the strength and security of those who value and exercise the right to bear arms. The key word here is “seemingly.”

Based on media coverage, it appears as if the anti-gun community outnumbers those who support the Second Amendment. Why does it seem this way? The answer is quite simple. Those who rally for gun control are simply pushing a narrative the media agrees with. Immersing themselves in the protection of the First Amendment, free speech, they are quick to flood all facets of available media with their thoughts and opinions and the media are happy to assist them advocate for the destruction of our rights. From the televised media, to written forms and of course, all social media platforms, they make their voices heard. By rallying, protesting and holding demonstrations they are able to create a visual (mis)representation of what looks to be the majority. But,  they are not.

As we head into the mid-term elections, we are going to have to let our elected officials know that we will not stand idly by while they try to whittle away at our rights.

There are clear and concise examples to illuminate the fact that within our nation lies a sleeping giant—this giant comprises a slew of everyday citizens who hold to very similar truths with an unwavering mindset. This is the silent majority. People who are grounded not only in their work ethic, but also in their love for our nation as it was intended to be. This group is not limited to  people who exercise their right to own and carry firearms, but all those who understand the importance of preserving the Second Amendment, as it protects the others. These people are hard workers and they live in the hope that our nation will continue to be the land of the free. They are people who can see through biased media reports and sort out fact from fiction. They are not prone to fall for propaganda, nor are they easily manipulated politically through emotion. They are a free-thinking and intelligent people who will weigh and measure information before they jump onto a temperamentally impassioned bandwagon. Most importantly, they are a people who are weary from having their rights slighted by the government that is supposed to uphold them.

One example of this silent giant awakening occurred during the last presidential election, one of the most heated and emotionally charged elections in our nation’s history. If you followed the mainstream media and heeded poll results, you were led to believe the odds were not in Donald Trump’s favor. To the surprise of many, Trump won. People were shocked at the outcome because they never saw it coming. By many media accounts, the majority clearly was not in favor of this candidate who was not a politician. How could this be? It is because the sleeping giant was stirred to action.

These results ushered in a restored hope, providing evidence that we have the ability to stand up for our Second Amendment rights, as well as the others. But now is not the time for the American people to become apathetic once again. As we head into the mid-term elections, we are going to have to let our elected officials know that we will not stand idly by while they try to whittle away at our rights.

So what are we supposed to do if we do not have the time to partake in protest marches or storm the capital?

Get involved: Engage with groups that are willing to do the legwork. Groups like the NRA, an upstanding organization that has time and again has protected  our Second Amendment rights. Supporting such organizations locally and nationally is imperative.

Stay aware: Keep abreast of what is happening. Knowledge is power. We cannot trust a media that has proven to be biased and inaccurate. Affiliation with gun rights organizations gives you a better understanding of what is happening and how it will affect us. Such groups can direct you on how to go a step beyond and they can guide you on who we should contact and how to make your voice heard. Most importantly, belonging to such organizations helps us understand we are not the minority, that we are a vast majority that can unite and make a difference. 

Working together, there is no fight we cannot win.



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