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Citibank Handcuffs Retailers on Gun Sales

Citibank Handcuffs Retailers on Gun Sales

Citibank, part of one of the nation’s 10 largest banks, has jumped on the #boycottnra bandwagon by unilaterally deciding it won’t do business with retailers that don’t arbitrarily stop selling “high-capacity” magazines or requiring that rifle-buying adults be 21.

Forget the wanton disregard for the law (in most places, adults over the age of 18 can still buy rifles, and the idea that some places are trying to increase the age restriction is being challenged in court), another lunacy behind it is that the bank can’t even define what constitutes a “high-capacity” magazine, as The Washington Beacon found out when it pressed Citibank spokesmen for clarification on the so-called business guidelines.

If you think that sounds like a backdoor ban, you’re probably not alone. At the very least, letting banks dictate how retailers do business is a slippery slope. While it currently pertains only to retailers, are everyday citizens who use credit cards to purchase firearms and accessories next?

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