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Three P’s of Shooting: Practice, Practice, Practice

Three P’s of Shooting: Practice, Practice, Practice

Competitive shooter Tony Holmes was asked: What’s the best advice you could give someone for how to practice for defensive shooting?

“I would encourage anyone to not hesitate or be afraid to take a class with a professional instructor. Practice with the gun you are going to carry and the ammo you will use. Then, practice drawing from the holster you’ll be carrying and the clothing you’ll be wearing so it all becomes natural to you. Practice, practice, practice.”

Tony started competing in 1974 at the age of 13 in NRA High-Power and Small-bore Rifle matches. Throughout Tony’s professional competitive shooting career, he has consistently proven himself as a top competitor in a variety of shooting disciplines, which includes IPSC, Action Pistol, Long-Range Silhouette Rifle. But its 3-Gun that remains his favorite shooting discipline.

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