NRA Special Edition Ruger 1911 Offered Exclusively By Davidson’s Gallery of Guns

posted on September 26, 2018
nra-ruger.jpg recently announced their support and NRA pride in producing a special edition gun that collectors, NRA members and shooting enthusiasts can readily get behind, available exclusively at Davidson’s Gallery of Guns dealers.

“Davidson’s and Gallery of Guns has been a longtime supporter of the NRA,” said Bryan Tucker, CEO of Davidson’s, Inc. “Having the opportunity to provide our dealers and consumers with NRA licensed products is truly an honor.”

The Ruger SR1911 NRA Special Edition is chambered in a .45 ACP cartridge with a striking red anodized frame. The body is further complemented by red laminate grips that feature NRA’s logo. To top it off, the black nitride slide proudly boasts an engraving of the NRA seal and text of the Second Amendment on its left face. The gun is available until Dec. 31.

This semi-automatic firearm comes equipped with both a seven-round and eight-round magazine, packaged in a specially designed NRA box and sleeve. All purchasers of the gun can look forward to an exclusive NRA4 serial number prefix demarking each firearm’s uniqueness for collectors and NRA members everywhere.

Davidson’s Gallery of Guns has proudly supported the NRA and our programs, such as The NRA Foundation and NRA Ring of Freedom, as well as NRA events like the NRA Saturday Night Concert at Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

To purchase this exclusive item, visit to learn more.


Philip Schreier
Philip Schreier

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