Election Day 2020—Your Important Role

posted on March 17, 2020
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Election Day (Nov. 3, 2020) will be here before you know it, and the involvement of NRA members and their fellow gun owners will decide the outcome. Ask the good people who have suffered the consequences of defeat, and they’ll tell you: it is never too early to get involved.

NRA-ILA is more active than ever during this election, and we know where support is needed. Please share the following information with your family, friends and fellow firearm owners to ensure they do what’s needed to win this time around!

Information Really Is Power—Being informed is the critical first step to a successful political season in 2020. NRA-ILA’s daily email alerts keep people informed about the various matters impacting our cherished right to keep and bear arms. Any Second Amendment “supporter” who neglects to register for these alerts is missing the most basic opportunity to stay informed about the 2020 election.

Signing up for the NRA-ILA alerts is not only easy, but free. Simply go to nraila.org/sign-up to sign up; if you care about the Second Amendment, it may be the most valuable minute you spend outside of the voting booth this year. Those who prefer to receive text alerts about Second Amendment activities can also opt for text alerts regarding federal, state and local campaigns. Once you’re signed up, you’ll see why so many patriots encourage their fellow gun owners to do the same.

NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representatives: Boots on the Ground—Michael Bloomberg is spending a fortune in his attempt to assassinate the Second Amendment from inside the Oval Office. Because no other billionaire will outspend Bloomberg to protect the Second Amendment, Bloomberg is convinced he will win. Because we have you and 5 million members just like you, we’re committed to proving him wrong.

Our investment in Campaign Field Representatives (CFRs) is already paying off in the key battleground states where CFRs have been deployed. ILA’s CFRs aren’t part-timers looking for a casual gig—they are full-time employees who relentlessly foster the volunteer networks that our nation’s gun owners need on Election Day! In 2016 alone, our CFRs rallied more than 1.5 million individual, pro-gun voters in key areas. Needless to say, their support of President Trump and other pro-gun allies paid off!

Our 2020 CFRs are already in the trenches, attending local events, making phone calls and knocking on doors to educate patriotic Americans on the tough fight they face between now and November. It’s a fight we will only win if we stand and fight together. To locate the nearest CFR, simply call NRA-ILA at (800) 392-VOTE (8683).

Join us on the FrontLines™—Our FrontLines™ volunteers (nraila.org/grassroots/volunteer/) are battling at every level—local, state and federal—to defend our Second Amendment rights. The hours you spend as a FrontLines™ volunteer during the election season will affect your family’s rights for a lifetime. Trust us: being a FrontLines™ volunteer is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in defense of your freedom!

Led by local leaders who share your viewpoint, our FrontLines™ Activist Leaders (FALs) ensure that our efforts are both focused and forceful. These dedicated NRA members coordinate and implement NRA-ILA’s grassroots activities and programs in your community, and they do it year-round; there is no “off-season” for these patriots, and the FALs who are organizing volunteers in your area would be happy to have you fighting alongside them.

During this campaign season, FALs are working directly with their NRA-ILA CFRs to organize volunteers for voter contact and ensure that every gun-rights supporter in the country turns out to vote in November. In the absence of a CFR in their area, the FALs will organize volunteers to directly support the grassroots efforts of NRA-Political Victory Fund endorsed candidates.

Learning more is easy: just call NRA-ILA’s Grassroots Division at 800-392-VOTE (8683) and ask to speak with your state’s Grassroots Coordinator. Or simply visit nraila.org/grassroots/find-your-frontlines-activist-leader/

Consider what the Second Amendment means for you, your family, and the uniquely American rights of liberty and self-defense. Now, think about the sacrifices that others made to secure these rights for you and ask yourself: Isn’t a few hours of time a small price to pay to protect the Second Amendment for future generations, just as it was protected for you?

Engage your family, friends and fellow firearm owners by taking action today!


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