From the Editor – Election Day!

posted on October 29, 2020
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Joe Biden thinks Americans hate their freedom. On Election Day, Nov. 3, you’ll have the chance to tell him how wrong he is.

 By voting, you can tell Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris you are not for gun confiscation (or, as he calls it, “mandatory buy back,” as if the millions of these rifles owned by Americans were bought from the government).

 By voting, you can tell Biden you don’t want another so-called “assault-weapons” ban. Biden voted for the 1994 “Federal Assault Weapons Ban,” which sunset in 2004. Biden says that he now wants an even-more-restrictive ban on these popular semi-automatic firearms. As “assault weapon” is a political term that can only be defined however a specific law defines it, such a ban will include popular rifles, pistols and shotguns—just as the ‘94 ban did.

 By voting, you can tell Biden you don’t blame American freedom for the actions of criminals, but that you know an armed citizenry is part of what keeps people with bad intentions from doing as they please.

 By voting, you can tell Biden the government shouldn’t be able to restrict you to purchasing one gun per month—the Second Amendment, after all, is a right specifically protected from government infringement; it is not a right that the government can arbitrarily restrict according to some timeline some government officials might prefer.

 By voting, you can tell Biden that you don’t want your only gun choices-tools that are designed to keep you safe-to be some kind of battery-powered, “James Bond-style” “smart guns” that are, as of now, purely theoretical. 

 By voting for American freedom, you can show respect for the many who have fought, and for those who have died, for the freedom we cherish at home.

 By voting, you can tell Biden you don’t want the Social Security Administration weaponized against gun owners.

 By voting, you can tell Biden you don’t want the federal government spending your tax dollars to incentivize states “to require individuals to obtain a license prior to purchasing a gun,” as he says on his campaign website.

 By voting, you can tell Biden you don’t want government inspectors to come into your home to check your gun storage—and to fine you, or worse, if they don’t approve.

 By telling friends, neighbors and more about how stark the choice is in this election—President Donald J. Trump says he will continue to defend our Second Amendment, whereas Biden is telling us he would do all he can to take it away—you can help get the word out and thereby erode Biden’s one advantage: the spin machine that is so much of the mainstream media.

 By voting, you can tell Biden and Harris that you don’t want America’s firearms makers to be purposely bankrupted by government-sanctioned frivolous lawsuits.

 By voting, you can tell Biden you want, as Americans have always had, the right to loan a friend, nephew, uncle … a gun to take to the range, to hunt with or just to protect themselves with during an emergency.

 By voting, you can tell Biden you are not to blame for the inner-city gang wars in some neighborhoods that drive our nation’s murder rates.

 By voting, you can tell Biden you are a free American citizen.


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