Bloomberg-Backed Group to Pour Millions into Races in Key States

posted on August 6, 2020

Photo by Gage Skidmore courtesy of Flickr under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0.

Everytown for Gun Safety, the group funded by billionaire and failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, has pledged to spend big in this fall’s elections; specifically in battleground states to help boost the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, Joe Biden. 

The group plans to spend $15 million (of a larger $60 million campaign) on digital advertising in eight states as the Nov. 3 election approaches. The targeted states are Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Florida, in particular, is where one third of that spending is intended to go, while another $3.5 million will be spent on six U.S. House of Representative races in Texas. Also, $1.5 million is earmarked for North Carolina, and a further $1.25 million will be spent in Arizona and Iowa Senate races.

A recent survey conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found that only 17% of voters surveyed said “gun-related issues” were one of their top three areas of focus heading into the election. This finding, coupled with Everytown’s immense spending, could exacerbate the problem that many voters simply don’t realize just how radical Biden is. His election would paint an ominous future for the Second Amendment.

If last fall’s election results in Virginia can be duplicated by Everytown in other states, and at the federal level, the Second Amendment could be threatened like never before. Second Amendment-supporting Americans need to make their voices heard at the ballot box this November.


Frank Miniter
Frank Miniter

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