2019 Col. Charles H. Mitchell Trainer Of Distinction—Michael Abramovich

posted on March 5, 2021

Michael Abramovich

s we continue to celebrate the 150th year of your National Rifle Association, I want to take this opportunity to honor one of our fellow members. I am pleased to announce that Michael Abramovich of Arizona was selected as the 2019 recipient of the Col. Charles H. Mitchell Trainer of Distinction Award for going above and beyond to support our valuable NRA training programs. Mr. Abramovich would have been recognized at last year’s scheduled Annual Meeting in Nashville, which, as you know, had to be postponed due to the global pandemic.

The namesake of the award, Col. Charles Mitchell, was NRA Manager of Training for more than 20 years and a longtime mentor of mine. One of our highest honors, this award is bestowed for extraordinary dedication and performance in development and support of NRA training programs.

Abramovich is the chief instructor at Certified Instruction & Training, LLC. His motto is “Know Better Training.” He explains the meaning as, “Not all training is equal, but you will learn what better training is after taking a course with us.” Dedicated to NRA training, he has volunteered much time and effort to help move our programs forward—teaching 317 NRA courses and 2,728 students from 45 states. In addition, Abramovich’s positive influence as a role model and mentor are unquestionable. He is especially proud of his students who have continued their personal development to became NRA training counselors.

Taking the mantle of NRA instructor in 2003, by 2009 Abramovich had become a training counselor, moving up to his current role of regional training counselor in 2019. At this level, he acts as a liaison between NRA headquarters and trainers for Region 8 (Southwestern states), improving communication and enhancing support to the area’s 15,000 trainers. Abramovich says the best part about volunteering as an NRA regional training counselor “is the opportunity to mentor and help trainers in the field.”

His personal teaching style has also proven to be effective for a growing segment of gun owners: women. Forging a partnership with The Well Armed Woman organization, Abramovich has helped empower women to protect themselves and their loved ones. He does such a good job that the group awarded him its inaugural Male Instructor of the Year award. Carrie Lightfoot, NRA Board member and founder of The Well Armed Woman, had this to say:

“I had the blessing of receiving my NRA instructor certification under the tutelage of Mike Abramovich. Sitting in that classroom, I knew that he was an exceptional trainer and that he was that rare breed of instructor who truly understands and respects women. Being the only woman in the course, I was intimidated beyond measure. Had it not been for the positive, supportive and encouraging environment and the support I received from Mike, I may not have been confident enough to move forward with launching The Well Armed Woman.”

As a training counselor myself, I understand the dedication, effort, time and sacrifice that must be made to properly do the job. NRA members like Michael Abramovich, who are willing to step up to the plate to support NRA programs, are vital to the future of our firearms freedoms and the shooting sports. And, like him, all NRA instructors and training counselors deliver a high standard of instruction and are dedicated to educating the growing number of gun owners in America. I know I speak for all members when I say thank you to every NRA instructor for your tireless efforts to advance safe firearm training.


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