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posted on May 7, 2023
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Photo: John Parker

SSUSA magazineShooting Sports USA, the National Rifle Association of America’s monthly journal for competitive shooting fans, has been reporting on competitive shooting for more than 100 years. Originally, it was an insert for Arms and the Man, the publication that would become NRA’s The American Rifleman. The rising popularity of competitive shooting in the United States led to the creation of a separate magazine in 1947, named NRA Tournament News. In 1976, the magazine was renamed American Marksman and began publishing more articles oriented toward the competitive shooter. The journal again changed its name in 1988 to Shooting Sports USA, and has continued to be the top competitive shooting publication in the United States.

Since the first issue was published in 1988, Shooting Sports USA has been on the scene bringing you coverage from major competitive-shooting events such as the NRA National Championships at Camp Atterbury, the NRA Silhouette Nationals and the NRA National Police Championships, the Olympic Games and other international shoots, ISSF World Cups, the Grand American World Trapshooting Tournament, the NCAA Rifle Championships and countless other competitions. Additionally, each issue includes reader-submitted match reports from NRA-sanctioned matches and local club shoots. 

The digital edition of Shooting Sports USA also features in-depth product reviews and strategies for excellence on the firing line from active competitive shooters. All shooting disciplines are covered in the digital magazine, and upcoming matches are promoted in Coming Events, a listing of thousands of tournaments nationwide.

The Shooting Sports USA website at is updated daily with the latest news and events from the competitive-shooting world. On the website, you’ll also find reviews of rifles, pistols, shotguns and other competitive-shooting gear, videos covering advanced shooting techniques and, perhaps most importantly, our Reporter’s Worksheet, a PDF form you can download and use to submit local match reports for publication in our Score Sheets department.

Shooting Sports USA is dedicated to helping shooters across the United States and the world enjoy their sport. One in every two NRA-classified shooters subscribes to the monthly digital magazine, while others either bookmark the website or read the articles as reprints in other publications. In addition, you can subscribe to the free weekly insider email newsletter and the monthly digital magazine at


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