Standing Guard | President Biden Would Rather Kill Freedom Than Save Lives

posted on June 8, 2021
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You and I are now in the battle of our lives. Two of the most extreme, gun-hating politicians in America—Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer—control the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Anti-gun legislation is on the move in Washington, D.C., like we haven’t seen in a generation.

For his part, President Joe Biden (D) has told gun owners point-blank that he doesn’t want to wait “another minute, let alone an hour” to begin full-blown confiscation of tens of millions of lawfully owned firearms. As a precursor to his ultimate goal, Biden has penned numerous anti-gun executive orders, and he nominated gun-ban lobbyist David Chipman to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Chipman is an anti-gun extremist to his core. Under his leadership, there is no question that the ATF would be transformed from an agency charged with cracking down on criminals, to an agency that cracks down on law-abiding gun owners.

Of course, this is all in keeping with the Biden agenda: Ignore the criminals and persecute the law-abiding.

We saw it last March, when a madman in Colorado murdered 10 innocent citizens in a supermarket. Biden didn’t put the blame on the killer. He claimed he didn’t have enough “information” to condemn this heinous criminal for taking 10 precious lives.

Instead, Biden pointed his finger straight at law-abiding gun owners and told America that we were to blame—you, me and our Second Amendment freedom.

The fact is, we are now living in a twisted political nightmare where our nation’s president and congressional leaders are shielding violent criminals while waging open war on the freedoms that make this country the greatest nation on earth.

In their world, law-enforcement officers are thugs to be defunded and disbanded, while those who murder and terrorize innocent citizens are somehow “victims.”

In their world, murderers and gun criminals should be let out of prison to “protect” them from COVID-19, and honest people should be forced to live with these violent felons in their neighborhoods and communities.

In their world, wealthy and powerful people have an ironclad right to 24/7 armed protection, while regular citizens deserve to be stripped of our guns and of the freedom and security that the Second Amendment guarantees.

Last year, we were forced to bear witness to the full impact of their failed vision in cities and towns across this country.

In Los Angeles, murders were up by 30%. In New York, 40%. In Chicago, 50%.

In New Orleans, murders increased by 61%. In Seattle, 74%. And, in Milwaukee, the murder rate increased by 94% in one year alone.

Tragically, thousands of men, women and children across this country are dead because of the policies that Biden and his political allies have forced on the American people—policies that protect criminals and punish law-abiding citizens.

The truth is, Joe Biden knows he could save thousands of lives by simply enforcing gun laws that are already on the books—and by putting violent criminals in jail where they belong.

But Joe Biden would rather kill freedom than save lives.

And now, you and I are in a fight like we’ve never faced before.

The battle lines are drawn. It’s hard-working Americans versus privileged elites. You and I and the NRA versus the gun-control zealots who stand behind armed guards while proclaiming that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t apply to us.

This is the battle we hoped we’d never have to face. But I know it’s a battle we can win if we stand and fight together under the NRA banner.

On that note, I’m proud to announce that tens of thousands of new NRA members continue to join our family each month. Our sustained growth in membership is a loud-and-clear message that patriotic Americans will never give up their right to arm themselves against the violent criminals being turned loose on our streets.

This shows every politician in America that we’ll never compromise when it comes to protecting our lives, our homes and our loved ones.

Make no mistake, as the NRA continues to grow stronger each day, Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are forced to confront this reality: If they want our guns, they can take them—as our friend Charlton Heston used to say—from our cold, dead hands.



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