Standing Guard | This Year Will Decide If American Freedom Lives

posted on January 16, 2024
Wayne LaPierre

Like never before in our lifetimes, our personal safety, security and American freedom itself is at risk in the months ahead. This danger isn’t hidden. You don’t need to search for it in some vague anti-gun legislative agenda that has yet to materialize or in a deceptive campaign platform designed to mislead the American people and conceal evil intentions.

Right now, the enormous peril facing America is easy to see.

The radical fringe of our country—led by President Joe Biden and his allies in Congress—is feverishly working to destroy the very foundations of our nation.

The great heritage of freedom that you and I have worked so hard, and so successfully, to preserve is under assault unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed. To put it plainly, there are powerful forces at every level of government, and in the media, academia and beyond, that don’t want America to be a nation where individual rights and fundamental freedoms are sacred and upheld by the highest offices and the laws of the land.

They dispel the fact that our basic human rights and liberties, enshrined in the Constitution, come from God and not our political class.

And so, in their warped vision for America, speech is to be curbed, banned and regulated at the whims of politicians whose only goal is to muzzle any viewpoint that runs counter to theirs.

In their warped vision, violent criminals are to be afforded more rights than law-abiding Americans—and you and I should be forced to give up our guns, to surrender our right to self-defense, all in the midst of a historic, politically driven crime wave.

In their warped vision, our justice system—a beacon of freedom and fairness, and a model that is envied the world over—should not be a shield of protection for all citizens, regardless of race, class, creed or political beliefs, but rather a weapon to be wielded like a sword by the ruling elite and used to strike down political opponents, institutions and anyone who dares to speak truth to power.

In their warped vision, America is a borderless nation—because they know that a nation without borders is no nation at all. Every God-given right, every law, every justice and every freedom becomes disposable in a scenario where you can’t even define what it means to be an American citizen.

This is their vision—not to nip around the edges of our freedom—but to outright demolish the foundation of our beloved United States of America and bring her to her knees.

And, once again, like so many times before, the men and women of the National Rifle Association are fighting at the tip of the spear to stop this warped vision from becoming a cold and permanent reality.

Right now, we’re fighting to stop a horrific piece of anti-gun legislation that would empower the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to ban the manufacture, sale and use of semi-automatic firearms. This unconstitutional monstrosity would ban the AR-15, ban standard-capacity magazines and make federal bureaucrats the arbiters of our Second Amendment rights.

This summer, we are fighting the most- important First Amendment case in more than 60 years in the U.S. Supreme Court. As I detailed in last month’s column, this single case will decide whether freedom of speech, as you and I know it, continues to exist in our nation.

And today, tomorrow, and every day this year leading up to Nov. 5, it will be up to us to inspire, educate and motivate millions of like-minded American patriots, amplify their voices, and turn them out to vote in the most consequential election for our sacred freedom in history.

Millions of men and women across America are discovering a newfound appreciation for the most natural, sacred and essential freedom known to mankind: the right to defend ourselves and our loved ones. The right to simply survive. The right to go to sleep every night, and wake up every day, free from the crippling sense of vulnerability that comes with the inability to safeguard our own lives.

More than ever, you and I must reach them and lead them.

As an NRA member, you are one of the most-impactful and integral forces in America, giving life to our freedom and defending the sacred foundations upon which that freedom rests. And I know that if you fight with the same courage and passion that you’ve demonstrated so many times throughout history, we can save American freedom this year and preserve it for years to come!



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