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Creed Fisher Is NRA Country

Creed Fisher Is NRA Country

After listening to Creed Fisher's music, you might think Creed was born with a guitar in his hand. He, however, will tell you that music found him. With 11 albums under his belt and hits including “This Place Called USA” and “Life of a Workin’ Man,” he’s earned a legion of fans who appreciate the music for what it is. “His lyrics are comfortable, his story genuine, his spirit humble and his talent undeniable,” said one music critic turned fan. And as good as his albums are, the best way to know Creed’s music is to experience his incredible live show. NRA Country’s Vanessa Shahidi took a few moments to interview Creed.

VS: Do you have a favorite personal firearm?
CF: I love my Glock. The grip, its design and overall just the way it shoots. It has a great mixture of power and sleekness.

VS: What are some of your best outdoor memories?
CF: To be honest, just going down to the river at night with my dad and trying to put up a tent in the dark.

VS: As you think about all of the places you’ve been while touring, is there anything in particular that makes you feel proud to be an American?
CF: What makes me most proud of our country are the vets. The sacrifice they’ve made, and how my music has touched and affected their lives, that makes me truly proud to do what I do. Other than that, I always love walking out to the stage and hearing people chanting my name. As I come up onto the stage, I love looking out to a large crowd full of fans waving the American flag.

VS: You have a new album coming out, right?
CF: Yes, my newest album “Whiskey and the Dog” is out September 3rd. I’ve never been more excited about an album, and I think the fans will really like it because it’s so real. You’ll find I’m not afraid to say things that others won’t say. I have three songs in particular that I’m pumped about: “This Town.” “The Good Ol’ US of A” and “High on the Bottle.”

Visit creedfisher.net to learn more about the talented artist and stay informed on the latest Creed Fisher news. 

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