Aaron Lewis Is NRA Country

posted on May 1, 2022
Aaron Lewis
Photo: Eric England

These days it’s rare to hear music that stops you in your tracks and captures your complete attention. Aaron Lewis’ new song, “Everybody Talks to God” is one of those special gems resonating with people across the country. The song has a “less is more” approach that penetratingly delivers the message that one day we will all meet our Maker. “It says so much about the way in our darkest times, there’s an intercession of faith,” says Lewis. “It’s such a well-painted story song; you can see the diner and the people in it. Then it pays off in a tragic, but powerful way. It’s the reason I love being in Nashville and writing songs with folks like Chris Wallin, Jeffrey Steele and others.” Lewis is no stranger to success, having multiple No. 1 albums, but fans old and new are clearly drawn not only to this song but his new album, “Frayed at Both Ends.” NRA Country’s Lisa Supernaugh grabbed a moment with Lewis during his busy touring schedule to ask him a few questions.

LS: Who taught you how to shoot?
AL: My dad and my grandfather, and my great-uncles. It was a family affair. It wasn’t a seasonal thing. It was more of an “anytime I was interested in shooting” thing.

LS: Do you have a favorite personal firearm?
AL: That’s a tough one. One of my personal favorites is a 1923 Parker Sweet 16 side-by-side that I have. It seems I can’t miss with it. If we’re talking modern technology, I have a few Sons of Liberty Gun Works models I would put up against anything.

LS: What are some of your best outdoors memories?
AL: It’d be tough to put a finger on a favorite, but anytime I’m outdoors with people I cherish … it’s hard to put a value on that. Whether it’s shooting ducks in Arkansas with Rhett Akins or chasing turkeys in the foothills of the Berkshires with my daughters.

LS: You recently put out a new album which quickly became theNo. 1 selling album in the country—of any genre—the week it came out. Congratulations.
AL: Thanks. “Frayed At Both Ends” was just released in January. I think it’s some of my best work and something I’m very proud of. It’s my songs, stripped down to their purest form, just my voice and a guitar.

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