False Compassion And The Fight For Our Future

posted on July 25, 2016

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox has been especially visible lately leading the cause for freedom. A recent spot in the “Freedom’s Safest Place” campaign, “Compassion,” featured Cox shining the light of truth on politicians who maintain the status quo of our “revolving door” criminal justice system. 

“It’s awful when an innocent American is murdered. It’s even worse when it happens because our government refused to enforce the law against their killer,” he said. 

Cox sees dangerous criminals routinely being put back onto the streets—not because they are legitimately deserving of a second chance, but because there is a lack of commitment to keeping them imprisoned. “When our leaders refuse to enforce the law, they call it compassion. But that’s not compassion. That’s corruption, and it endangers all of us.”This election is not about the next four years, it’s about the next 40 years. So voting for Hillary Clinton—or not voting—is simply not an option.” — NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox 

Another threat that Cox identifies is the prospect of Hillary Clinton being elected president of the United States—and appointing Supreme Court justices who could overturn D.C. v. Heller and make a mockery of the Second Amendment. He addressed these concerns as a featured speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cox said the individual’s right to bear arms in America is under assault. “Make no mistake: This election is not about the next four years, it’s about the next 40 years. So voting for Hillary Clinton—or not voting—is simply not an option.”

America appears to be losing its status as a country that protects its citizens and safeguards their rights—but there is still an opportunity to turn things around. Please watch both the “Freedom’s Safest Place” spot and Cox’s speech at the Republican National Convention. 

For the videos and complete transcripts, click here for “Compassion” and here for the 2016 Republican National Convention speech.



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