We Don’t Need You

posted on July 6, 2016

Following the FBI’s stunning and unprecedented announcement, the NRA has released a new spot in its “Freedom’s Safest Place” campaign, titled “We Don’t Need You!” The new commercial features Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre, who stands up for hard-working, law-abiding Americans who’ve been subjected to tyranny for far too long: “America was founded to escape the elites. But today, they run our country.” 

LaPierre’s timely message calls out the behind-the-scenes dealings of elites who increasingly threaten the survival of American values such as equality of law and justice. “They work together in some newsrooms and boardrooms and Washington back rooms, and star-studded champagne fundraisers, to decide for the rest of us what’s news and what’s not, what’s true and what’s not, who gets protected, who goes to prison …” says LaPierre. As he points out, there is no longer any difference between the self-serving politicians, their friends in corrupt bureaucracies and deceitful media outlets, and the Hollywood hypocrites who bankroll them.

The rules don’t apply to these elites. They think they know better and self-righteously believe they can do no wrong. But to these people whose egomaniacal air of superiority threatens to destroy our great country, LaPierre says what a majority of patriotic Americans have been thinking for a long time: “We don’t trust you. We don’t fear you. And we don’t need you.” 

“We Don’t Need You!” is the latest in the NRA’s Freedom’s Safest Place campaign, which features strong, honest messages from NRA members such as United States Marine Corps Veteran and Benghazi hero Mark Geist, NRA News Commentator Dana Loesch, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, and many more patriots who are telling the truth about our freedoms and our Second Amendment. 

If you believe that the law should apply equally to every American—no matter one’s wealth, political connections or last name—please share this video with your friends and family.

Watch the video, complete with transcript, here.



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